Dangers of Using Contact Lenses While Sleeping

Dangers of Using Contact Lenses While Sleeping

If you accidentally sleep still using contact lenses, try it not to happen again.

Sleeping with contact lenses is very dangerous for the health of your eyes. Although some contact lenses are allowed to be worn throughout the night, but sleep wearing contact lenses is not recommended. Here are dangers that threaten the health of your eyes, if you use contact lenses while sleeping.

Using contact lenses while sleeping also make corneal oxygen deficiency. Lack of oxygen can damage the surface of epithelial tissue and can make small cuts, so that bacteria or parasites can infect the cornea.

Wounds in the cornea
Wearing contact lenses too long can increase the risk of injury to the cornea. This risk will be five times larger, if you use it when sleeping. It even allows you to experience permanent damage to the cornea.

Hypoxia in the eye
Lack of oxygen to the cornea due to the use of contact lenses can make eyes hypoxic. The risk of someone whose eyes are exposed to hypoxia new blood vessel growth. It triggers the loss of vision, particularly if the growth of more than 2 mm.

Frequent use of contact lenses during sleep can also cause keratitis. Keratitis is an infection that is most common among contact lens users. If not addressed, this condition can make a person experiencing minor vision loss, even blindness corneal transplants.

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