Ngaben Teaches Me that Life is Not Long

Ngaben Teaches Me that Life is Not Long

Sep 18, 2016, 11:33:53 PM Religion

Returning from Panglipuran village in Bangli, Bali, I see the streets jammed with a crowd full of people in Gianyar. Initially I did not get down from the car, because as usual, in Bali crowd as there is usually a religious ceremony.

This time is different, there was a tradition of cremation ceremony, known as Ngaben. I have to go down and prepare my camera immediately and jump out of the car toward the source of the cremation fire.

Ngaben is one ceremony performed by Hindus in Bali are classified as Yadnya Pitra ceremony (a ceremony that was shown to Ancestors). Ngaben etymologically derived from the word fire.

Corpses were burned in the procession this Ngaben aged 50 years, 50 years is certainly not a long time for a life, and on-site cremation reminds me that life is not long, the same as the dead man, my life would not be as long as he.

Published by Mahmur Marganti

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