This Delicious Food Can Lose Your Weight

This Delicious Food Can Lose Your Weight

Oct 12, 2017, 10:35:48 PM Life and Styles

Diet foods are not always bad. Some of the following delicious foods are proven to lose weight. Here are some of the delicious foods you should include in your food list.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate can make people eat less. But make sure the chocolate you eat is dark chocolate. This type of chocolate contains more cocoa than milk and sugar. Consume two pieces of dark chocolate 20 minutes before, or 5 minutes after eating. Do it while you're eating lunch and dinner.


A protein-rich breakfast proved able to help dieters not eat whole-day snacks. For that there is no harm in making eggs into your breakfast menu. Eggs contain leucine, a substance that acts to regulate protein in muscles, and signals insulin to burn fat. Protein also helps the body in controlling the absorption of calories. However, egg yolk is one source of cholesterol, so it's good eggs are not consumed every day.


Good bacteria in yogurt have an important role in the process of weight loss. Good bacteria tasked to accelerate the body's metabolism, so the disposal becomes smooth, and the absorption of fat by the body was minimal. To help you lose weight, try to eat yoghurt twice a day, at breakfast and at dinner.


Nuts are a high source of vegetable protein fiber and slow to digest by the digestive system. It will make you feel full longer and keep you from the desire to overeat. But avoid fried nuts especially those using oil or butter in high temperatures. Because in addition to increasing the number of calories, hot temperatures also damage the enzymes and nutrients in nuts.



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