10 Annoying Things You Have to Deal With in Retail

10 Annoying Things You Have to Deal With in Retail

Working in retail can be pretty tough because you get to meet so many people and see so many different personalities. I have had about 3 years in retail and 5 years in Customer Service. 5 years in retail and customer service can teach you a lot about the human race. Please note that everything you are about to read is sarcasm! So if you cannot take sarcasm, please do not read this. LOL 

1. Picking up after Customers

Although you are a grown man/women, don't worry, you can just toss everything you learned from childhood about picking up after yourself right out the door when you enter into our store! If you are done drinking your daily cup of Starbucks coffee, please feel free to just leave it on the shelf. We would be more than happy to pick up after you! We just love the sweet aroma of the coffee coming out from the holes in your cup! We also don't mind our fingers getting dirty from the crumbs left over on the sleeve of your cup, its just the most hygienic thing ever! 

2. Customers using your first name

Please do address me with my first name as if we are the best of buds! Just repeat it over and Over and OVer and OVEr again! I just love hearing my name 30 million times from you!

3. "Do you work here?"

No, I do not work here. I just love coming in here daily to help stock the shelves! Oh! and the uniform? Don't get fooled by the uniform! I just randomly found this thing in my closet and decided to wear it out, so, no I do not work here. Sorry.

4. "How much is this?"

Since you are not capable of turning this product over to read the label, here I will show you! If you turn it over to the other side, there is a cute little sticker, and on that sticker, you will find some numbers. The numbers will tell you how much this item is worth. If you are still having problems reading the sticker, please put the product down, and walk through that door with the exit sign.

5. When they think they know the policy better than you do

I'm sorry, I've only been working here for 3 years. I will grab my manager so she can tell you how great of a person you are to know the policy better than I do! You should totally come work here since you know the policy so well! Matter of fact..why don't you come stand behind this register and come ring up your own stuff! I'm sure you know how the system works! While you're at it, you can also ring up the many other customers who are so patiently waiting behind you. I would love to learn from you!

6. Leaving their carts behind

Please leave your carts right in front of my register even though you are about to past the "drop off your carts" sign. That sign is just there to fool people! 

7. When they are being rude for no reason

Although I am trying my best to help you and my only reason being here is to help you, feel free to take your anger out on me. I have no feelings and will not get offended at anything that you say. Customers are always right!

8. Talking on the phone at the register

Please do answer your phone and have a full length conversation on your phone. I don't mind talking to myself about the rewards program that we are offering as well as our credit card that I have to talk about to every customer! I just love reviewing it out loud to myself.

9. "Would you like your receipt with you, or in the bag"....."No."

I can read your mind and know exactly what you mean! You want me to toss the receipt in the bag, so you can later tell me to get it out and put it in your hands! I just love playing this little game with you! I just don't know how everyone knows of this game! 

10. When they haven't showered in years

Don't worry, even if you have not showered for years, you can come to my register. I am able to hold my breath for a total of 30 minutes EVEN when I am speaking to you! It won't bother me at all!

Okay I am done speaking the truth! LOL Please comment what annoys you most about working in retail! I would love to hear it!

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