Transitioning My Faith

Transitioning My Faith

Throughout my whole life, I never really cared for religion. I honestly did not see the importance of it. When I was younger, I assumed that everyone believed in God. I come from a very traditional family that practices shamanism. Without knowing much about my own religion, I had thought we praised the same person as everyone else….God.

It wasn’t until I started attending a nearby church. I was invited by one my good friend. There, I finally understood the difference between myself and my friend. I didn’t know how against my parents were about religion. Honestly, I had no idea of the controversy between the two religions.

I continuously started attending their Friday Youth Nights. I LOVED going there. It was always so fun and positive. I do have to admit that the only reason why I went to their youth nights was because they were fun! Although I had no idea what they were preaching about, I felt a sense of happiness going there. I was surrounded by so many people that loved the same God. I was quite amazed. Never had I experienced such positivity in one room. I envied them, because of the way they can love their God so much. I was overwhelmed by their love and compassion for their God, that I wanted to get to know him too. I started learning bits and pieces of what I could pick up while they were preaching. I was beginning to know God, I was beginning to believe in him.

It wasn’t until then that my Dad had noticed my continuous routine of going to Church every Friday night. I remember feeling so happy after attending Church, and knowing that I had to come home to such negativity. My Dad is a strong believer in what he practices. Don’t get me wrong, my Dad is a great Dad! I love him to death! But sometimes he is very bias and stubborn. I’d always come home to him making fun of me going to Church, or all the extra side comments about Christians.

Fast forward to now, as I am already married to my Husband who is a Christian, I am trying to find that little voice in myself to bring me back to God again. I know and believe that there is a God. I have no idea how I’m going to get back to finding God, but I know I will eventually find him.

Published by Mai Vue Xiong

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