I Have A Pen, I Have An Apple...

I Have A Pen, I Have An Apple...

Oct 1, 2016, 7:04:41 PM Viral

The meme of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, or PPAP, had gone viral overnight, and nobody was expecting it. In short, it's the new "Gangnam Style".

Admit it, you can't look at any of the items listed in the song without thinking, "PPAP".

I currently live in Japan, which means I am no stranger to this phenomenon. In fact, I recall walking down the streets of Tokyo the day after it went completely viral, and seeing snippets of it on a jumbo screen.

The song and lyrics itself are so simple and so catchy, anyone can learn it. As an English teacher, I'm sure I could use this song to teach my kindergarten students new words. The choreography itself is TPR in action. Piko-Taro, the creator of the song, has even created a step by step tutorial explaining every step to the dance and what it means.

This has now become a worldwide phenomenon, and hundreds of social media users have made it into their own, doing parodies, and even taking the song one step further and turning it into a meme.

The funny thing is, you can insert anything in place of a pen, an apple, or a pineapple, and you got your own meme. The meme itself is hilarious, but changing pen to headphones and apple to the iPhone 7, makes it hysterical. 

What are some of your favorite versions of the meme? Try making one up yourself!

Published by Maia Malanee

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