Rambling Book Idea (FEEDBACK PLEASE)

Rambling Book Idea (FEEDBACK PLEASE)

Inspired by 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Game of Thrones', and BBC's 'Merlin', doesn't that sound fun? Read below to find out more!


This is just a work in progress, but I have already pulled out a schedule for it, so I need a little inspiration, a little advise. Here goes. I'm going to post the details, as well as the chapter breakdowns of the novel.

If you think you might be interested in reading this so called novel, or have any suggestions for changes that might be more interesting, please comment and I will take into consideration.


HOOK: Anne is the daughter of the town's physician. Sick and bedridden, her father is taken one night to the castle, where the king has only one request of him: fix his sons. The king's sons are notorious playboys throughout the land, and with his failing health, the kings knows that he must give his people a righteous heir. But this is not a sickness that potions can fix.

Hidden behind love, lies, mystery, and sorcery, lies a tale of two beasts that are tamed by a girl with a kind heart.



  • A Change of Events: The king makes plans to change his sons from playboys to princes.
  • The Stolen: The town physician is taken from his bed, despite Anne's requests, and brings him to the castle.
  • A Plan: Anne plans to go to the castle and get her father. She arrives at the castle and meets the eldest prince.
  • The Court: Anne gives the king her reasons for staying with her father. The king entrusts her with a title. 
  • In the Hallway: A heated discussion between Anne and the youngest prince leads to hatred. The king sends for wives.


  • And They Meet: The two princes meet their soon-to-be's. Tensions rise between Anne and the princes.
  • Two Swords: Anne finds the prince's swords. Blood is shed during the joust.
  • An Unexpected Trip: The eldest prince and his fiancee go on a trip. Anne goes with them.
  • The Honeymoon Period: Anne meets a handsome knight and starts to have feelings for him.


  • The Know All: Anne soon finds out that the handsome knight may know more about the two princes and their past, and future.
  • Prophesy: The handsome knight tells Anne the story of the two swords.
  • Prophesy II: Anne realizes what she must do. The youngest prince falls ill.

PART 4: 

  • Don't Cry Tears For Me: The youngest prince realizes that he is in love with someone else.
  • Knighthood: The two princes join the knighthood after Anne explains about their swords.
  • Beauty and the Beast: A traveling girl and her father come to the castle. The youngest prince is enchanted by the girl, but she is not all that she appears to be.


  • The Black Knight: A mysterious dark knight appears. He saves the princes from near death, but is he a friend of foe? Anne's father is fully healed.
  • Don't Cry Tears For Me II: The dark knight tests the allegiance of the princes to their king. The youngest prince decides to leave with the girl. Anne makes plans with her father to return home.
  • The Wall: The eldest prince realizes that he doesn't know how to court Anne. Anne notices something in the wall.


  •  Twenty Years More: The handsome knight returns with news. Anne and her father return home.


If you are at all interested in reading this novel, head on over to my wattpad site! I also have a few short stories published there!

Published by Maia Malanee

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