Keep your Guards UP and Expectations LOW!

Keep your Guards UP and Expectations LOW!

Feb 15, 2017, 6:54:37 PM Opinion

1be2917715ef90c7346911ff847138deNever have high expectations from people. Especially from those who you love.

Humans are cruel and worthless. The only thing they think about is themselves. But what is really confusing is that we are taught to think about ourselves only. But when someone chooses themselves over you, you get mad! Weird isn't it?

If you can't follow what I am trying to say, I'll you guys a little story.

So Lily and Maddison are best friends. And suddenly Lily's parents tell her that they have to move to Chicago, but if she wants, she can stay back with her aunt and finish school in Minnesota. So Lily gets to thinking and asks Maddison what she thinks she should do. Maddison says that she wants her to stay back, but if she wants, she can move to Chicago with her parents. But whatever it was, Maddison would respect her decision.

So after a few weeks, Lily tells Maddison that she has made up her mind and has decided to move to Chicago with her parents. Maddison gets mad and start talking rubbish saying that she did not take her feelings into consideration.

In the end, Maddison and Lily stop being friends.

Moral: People don't always mean what they say.

The point of the story is that, Maddison said that she would respect Lily's decision. But she didn't. Instead she turned her back on her and showed her, her true self. Lily expected Maddison to be more supportive to her decision. But she wasn't and hurt her.

This shows that we should never expect anything from people. It's of no use and leads to heartache and pain. This is an instance with best friends. But people also fact these kind of things with their significant others.

Imagine you give your heart to another person, and it is human tendency to expect something back in return. Any person will expect something. But imagine not getting back the same love you have given someone. It hurts. It really hurts.

But the people of this generation, of this world, have gotten so bitter, so cruel, so heartless, that they don't think, not for one second, what the other person might be thinking or what the other person might feel or how they would feel, if this exact thing was done to them. Nobody ever uses their brain! They just do. They don't look at consequences. THEY JUST DO!

And it is because of people like this, that people like us lose hope, lose trust. We forget what it means to love someone. We learn to build up walls and protect ourselves from thing we think might hurt us. And someone tries to get close to us, the only thing we think about is when is this person is going to screw me over just like the other million people did.

But as we go through life, as we get thrown down a million times, as we mend ourselves from the million times are heart has been broken, we learn that we should just not expect or trust anyone. NOT EVEN OURSELVES!

Published by Maisie Ribeiro

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Feb 15, 2017, 9:37:42 PM

I know exactly how this feels, I'm so closed off to people now that It's hard to make friends or find a partner. I'm so used to closing myself off people and from those who I don't trust. <3

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