"Tellem why you Mad, Son"

“Why you always gotta be so mad?”-Solange X Mad

Good morning all. Today I woke up with a heavy heart. I listened to Solange’s new album in its entirety the other night. Didn’t skip a track, didn’t stop it or pause it; I just listened. I have been trying to write this for the past three days and each time I tear up and close my lap top. I am so sad for the black community for a plethora of reasons. For what others do to us, what we do to ourselves, how we are perceived. We live in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ mentality and truth.

We live in a world where our down falls are what’s highlighted and used as reasons for hate and injustice. When every race has down falls, every race has killers, every race has a ghetto, every race has ignorance, every race has negative but, as a black person we have to constantly fight to not be seen and grouped with such. Our right to be who we are and proud is constantly being beat down with mirror reflections of our drug dealing neighbor or our gang banger cousin We have to constantly prove that that is not us. We live in a world where we have to throw out our ancestors accomplishments for validation and to get the ‘okay’ from everyone else.

When in history class as a young child, I never learned of the black scientists, generals, leaders, inventors…And if I did, it was always separate in the Black History section and we learned about the same people during the month we are given. I always had mixed feelings about this. Why is it separate? We are apart of history..period. So when February rolls around, we are supposed to be happy that we are getting recognition that we deserve, right? But, to me it feels like a ploy and it says ‘Hey, did you know that you guys are smart even though you’re black!’. I just don’t agree with it. Why our history can’t be written down with history is beyond me. But on the other hand, it is the one month that children in school can learn about people they wouldn’t otherwise hear about. It is the one month that we are given to showcase the things we have done to contribute to society. While they learn about great surgeons,  teach them about Ben Carson too. When you teach them about poetry, tell them about Audre Lorde.

“Now tellem’ why  you mad, son. Cause doing it all ain’t enough…So I got the right to get buck.”- Lil Wayne X Solange X Mad

With everything that we have done, as black people, we still have to fight to be recognized as more than another black person. Everything we do has to be extraordinary to be deemed good. And when we do something great, people are always more amazed that a black person could do it, despite being black. I don’t want to keep hearing, ‘you speak so well’. or ‘you aren’t like most black people!’. I don’t know why people think this is a good thing to hear. It’s tiring to have to keep explaining why we are important. It’s tiring to have to keep showing and telling what we can do so we can be looked at as human and viable parts of the universe. It’s so tiring to have to keep debating injustice and our lives. It’s tiring to have to keep explaining why I feel this pain everyday. And I’m talking about with everyone, black, white, etc. It’s tiring and it’s sad that we even have to debate a life.

Being pro-black IS NOT anti-everybody else. I can’t stress that enough. As a black women, I don’t want the special treatment. I want the normal treatment. 

We have to take care of each other. When we kill each other and create havoc in the community, everyone else uses that as an excuse as to why they care less about a black body in the street. Cause if they hadn’t done it, the neighborhood gang would’ve right? We need to focus on the solution more so and that is what I plan to do. To make sure we are not forgotten or written off. I am so excited for this upcoming project I can barely contain myself. Before we look to have positive things given to us, we gotta help ourselves. We have to uplift and give back to the community if we can. Only we know what we need. Cause from the outside looking in, you see frustration, pain, and violence but, no one ever stops to find out why. And I know this is just another blog, another speech , another black, another outcry. But, I plan on doing something about it. Tho it may be little and small compared to the big picture, it is one step closer to the help we need.

“They don’t understand what it means to me. Where we chose to go. Where we’ve been to know..”-Solange X Don’t Touch my Hair


So as always, Peace & Love..

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Published by Malissa Brooke

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Oct 11, 2016, 12:59:11 PM

Thank you so much! I'm glad you could resonate with me! This album definitely touched some soft spots for me.

Oct 9, 2016, 8:15:07 PM

Yes to everything you said! Her album is cool and I've listened to it a few times and there's a lot said but still not enough. Yet she captures (as music should) what's happening atm. Thank you for writing as I'm thinking about don't touch my hair, seeing as I'm back in a non black culture and I'm figuring out how I can spin my thoughts.

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