Golden Tote September 2016 Review

Golden Tote September 2016 Review

Sep 21, 2016, 5:20:39 PM Life and Styles

This has been a super busy month for me. We've been in Minneapolis for about two weeks, and my tiny closet is full to bursting. Therefore this month I decided not to get the 5-piece Golden Tote, but rather the Mini Tote with an add-on. I've been getting so many new pieces of clothing lately, I figured I should lay off a bit. Also... Golden Tote released another spoiler photo of their fall capsule collection on Instagram, and of course I'm going to get one of those. So I have to save room.

How it Works:

  • Unlike other companies, Golden Tote is technically not a subscription. Every month they release a new collection (or sometimes twice a month) and then you have the option to purchase totes.
  • The Golden Tote is $149 and contains five items (two chosen, three surprises). The Mini Tote is $59 and contains two items (one chosen, one surprise). The Surprise Tote is $89 and contains three surprise items. Each item comes out to roughly $30, which is a great deal!
  • The surprises are chosen by a stylist according to your style profile, and come from a separate pool of clothing from the chosen items.
  • At this point you can add on other chosen items and accessories, jewelry, or shoes from the boutique for a reduced price.
  • Shipping is free for orders at $149 or more.
  • When you get your totes you have the option of returning the entire tote, or individual pieces (return shipping is not paid by Golden Tote, but I've heard that PayPal will reimburse shipping costs). If you decide to only keep a few items, the chosen items all revert back to boutique price, and the surprises all cost $40.
  • In my opinion, the better way to get rid of unwanted items is to sell or trade for them on the Facebook Trading Group, which is run by Golden Tote Admins.
  • For more details please see my post describing all 8 reasons why I love Golden Tote.

Here's what I got in my September Mini Tote:

This outfit is my Mini-Tote: The jeans were my chosen burgundy skinny jeans by Celebrity Pink, and my surprise is this Peach Love sweater. The jeans are perfect. I sized down, as recommended, and they are very comfortable. The rise is a little lower than I prefer, but I'll do anything for burgundy jeans. Now the only ones I need are mustard... On to the sweater.

At first I was disappointed to see a gray sweater peeking out of my tote bag. However as I unfolded it, a sleeve fell out and I saw the elbow patches, and then the buttons revealed themselves to me. I was ecstatic! Golden Tote is known for sending really soft sweaters... and unfortunately this is not one of them. The knit is scratchy, and thin. But it has elbow patches! And cute buttons! Then I put it on and was dismayed to see that the sleeves were short, and the patches sat on my upper arms instead of on my elbows. Also the neckline is really wide. But it's so cute........ I tried wearing a plaid button-up underneath, and then definitely helped the sleeve length, and was a really cute outfit. However it didn't solve the elbow patch placement problem. Am I just being picky? I'm determined to make this work, so I'm currently stretching the sleeves out after washing the sweater. We shall see what becomes of my efforts.

Outfit Details

Sweater - Peach Love from Golden Tote (similar) | Jeans - Celebrity Pink from Golden Tote (similar) | Necklace - Charming Charlie (similar) | Booties - Sam Edelman from Nordstrom (similar)

This was my add-on. It cost $35 when purchased with a tote. I love the fun print and fall colors of this dress. The fabric is stretchy and it is very comfortable. This dress speaks for itself, so I kept the styling simple by adding a gold necklace and tall boots.

Outfit Details

Dress - Renee C from Golden Tote (similar//similar) | Necklace - Francesca's (similar) | Boots - Steve Madden from last season (similar)

Overall I'm really happy with my decision to get just a mini-tote this month, and I think I'll get a lot of use out of my pieces. I can't wait for Golden Tote to announce the fall Puella capsule collection! Are you going to order the Puella collection?

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