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Becoming a guest blogger requires being able to create articles on Education, SEO,Fashion, Business, Finance, Travel etc. and so puts you in the front line of a new audience, drives more traffic to your websites, helps build relationship with other bloggers and blog readers. But this is only possible if you know the top guest posting sites on the internet for such niches. This article is designed to expose you to the top guest posting sites for 2018.


Investopedia is owned by IAC (NASDAQ:IAC) and has been described as the world’s largest place for educating the public on financial updates. They have been known for their timely, trusted and actionable financial information. In terms of financial news, Investopedia is ranked as 7 by Google.

If you are finance fanatic and would love to expose your knowledge of finance becoming a guest blogger on Investopedia is a good idea as they have a wide range of audience consisting of investors and financial professionals.


Iblogzone is a blogging site owned by DI Tesco whose real name is Francisco Perez. Iblogzone aims at helping business owners using the internet develop online presence by providing information on social media marketing, internet marketing, technology, SEO optimization and much more. Supposing you are searching for guest posting sites in SEO, iblogzone has got you covered. Iblogzone is a great site for guest posting on SEO, tutorials about SEO techniques, marketing techniques, building authority online, online marketing etc.


This is a blog that provides travel advice of any kind and stories from people or individuals who have visited a particular country, tourist center, etc. Travel bloggers interested in writing articles on different topics pertaining to Destinations, travel insurances, travel industry, holidays and vacations, travel tips and even personal development can become guest bloggers on travelblat.com.  TravelBLAT is ranked 3rd on Google.


 Beauty and fashion tech provides news and review on beauty products and also information on fashion based on accessories. If you have a flair for writing on body care, beauty products, such as cosmetics and also fashion, diet and fitness. Beauty and Fashion Tech allows for guest posting but of course you should contact them for rules and guidelines on guest post for their websites. Beauty and Fashion tech is ranked 4 by Google.


ASCD is an organization that supports education for children and are dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and leading every child.  They believe that every child should be healthy, safe, educated and supported. ASCD is ranked 6 by Google. To become a guest blogger for ASCD you can consider writing for ASCD Express which is the organization’s free e-newsletter and is published twice a month. ASCD seeks brief practical content.


Forbes is one of the most popular guest posting sites in the world and it is well known for its articles on business and other niches. Forbes is a global media company. it features guest post that are original on fiancé, investing, business and marketing topics.  Forbes allow guest post which are not more than 2000 words and review such post within 5 working days.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of websites that allow for guest posting depending on your niche. Most of these sites have rules and guidelines for guest posting which much be checked before sending articles to Admins. We have provided you with a guest posting sites list of a few popular websites.










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