The Lost City Of “Monkey God”in Honduras Of Lord Hanuman

The Lost City Of “Monkey God”in Honduras Of Lord Hanuman

Apr 30, 2021, 5:04:26 PM Entertainment

In Honduras, According to the national geographic Colorado State University professor, “Christopher Fisher” Has Discovered such an ancient city. Which is found in the Ramayana kishkinda war.

Ancient pyramids and plazas have been found by Researchers From the University of Houston and the National center of airborne by 3d Mapping. In the Area of “Mesquita” Researchers Found the Ancient city. Laster mapping is now reclaimed by the jungle on the east side of Honduras. On the western end, there is a city Copan where the monkey god statue found.

The Thing is that the Statue Shows the Hindu Character God of “Lord Hanuman”

Statue Of Lord Hanuman


  • In Ramayana kishkindha War tells the story about the trident Peru in south America Where “Shri Ram” And “Shri Lakshman “Were kidnapped by a demon “Ahiravana”.Where Lord Hanuman Travels To Paatala Loka, Somewhere in Central America And brazil Then he met his son “Makaradhvjah” who Resembled him.

  • After killed The king of Patala Ahiravana.Lord Hanuman Announces his son as the ruler of the entire kingdom Then They Might have started to workship of lord hanuman as a god ever since.


  • Once upon a time journal mode Describe how he traveled River, Swamp and over the mountain. He Found The Civilization which is Different From the outside Word. Mode found the huge building, Statue, Gold, And “Mysterious Kabila”.Where People Workship For Monkey Looking God. According to the mode Theory and Research, the city is known As “The Lost City Of Monkey God” Then after mode met with tribal people in the jungle They told that in the ancient period people are workship of monkey Looking god. Mode did not give full information about his research The Media. Then After Mode tried to return back to the city, but couldn’t.In 1954 He killed himself. The reason is not yet to be confirmed. But it is to be confirmed and Prove that Lord Hanuman exists Somewhere in the World.
  • Today Those artifacts Are now Part of the Heya Foundation Museum of America.Those artifacts are statue ,Gold ,silver,Platinium,stones,etc.

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