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Okay, I'm really bad at writing about myself, but I'll give it a try!


The simplistic biography I have on my social media sites basically says "Jesus loving', coffee drinkin', clarinet playin', sassy redhead." That basically sums me up. But I suppose for this purpose, I'll expand a little! 


I'm employed at an Early Learning Center during the week, I work in the infant room and love it! In addition to that, I'm also a jeweler for Premier Designs, which I've only been a part of for about six months. So I'm really just your friendly neighborhood jewelry lady. 


As far as my writing goes, I started doing it seriously about four years ago. I was literally shaken out of a deep sleep by these words in my head. Which turned into sentences, and pretty soon it was a poem that was multiple stanzas long. After that night, they just kept coming. It was undoubtedly a God thing, and I've used that gift to bring Him glory since day one! 


Outside of working and writing, you can probably find me somewhere playing clarinet. I've played for fourteen years, and am blessed with the ability to play frequently in church. I also sing on our Praise Team! I absolutely love that I get to take each one of the talents I've been blessed with, and use them to give Glory back to God!

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