A Thought Provoking Book that can change your life

A Thought Provoking Book that can change your life

Jul 8, 2021, 7:51:11 AM Entertainment

21 Lessons From the 21st Century is one of the most notable works of Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari. He offers insights as to how people of the 21st century should go about with their life. The problems they should be aware about, the solutions they can offer, and the practices that they can adopt to make a prominent change.


Harari’s last two books of the series Sapiens and Homo Deus gave us an insight into the past and future respectively. While 21 Lessons From the 21st Century talks about some worrisome issues of the present that have started to affect our life for the worst. These issues are: climate change, unprecedented rise in algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, terrorism etc. The author explains that though these issues are worrisome yet they are inevitable. So irrespective of what we want, we have to accept the change. The most important thing is to focus on the right things. This book offers 21 lessons that will help us change and shape our focus.

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Rise in artificial intelligence will lead to more job loss which in turn will cause anxiety and depression among people


This book begins with acknowledging computers and artificial intelligence taking over normal human beings. These algorithms are slowly outdating a normal human brain and even the simplest of the problems are being taken over by computers. A revolution to replace human jobs with artificial intelligence and bots has begun and is rising at an alarming rate. The world where humans will lose almost all the jobs to robots is not far away. Today more and more people feel outdated and technologically handicapped. They feel anxious and are battling depression because of globalisation, machine learning, and complicated algorithms which are very difficult to understand.


Though many scientists and researchers believe that the rise in artificial intelligence will create a new line of jobs for people. It is true that the current skill set will be outdated and of no use but that doesn’t mean that the new opportunities are not coming. In order to sustain in the new environment, a person will have to develop new skills, and should readily accept change. A person who will focus on developing a strong emotional quotient or EQ is more likely to have a job.


The researchers reiterate their belief by giving an example of the Industrial Revolution that took place in the nineteenth century. It created fear of unemployment in the minds of small vendors and shopkeepers. But the consequence resulted in creating even more new jobs. This example offers a sense of relief but is this the whole truth? No, it’s not. In the industrial revolution machines took the physical aspect of human jobs but in the case of technological revolution, robots will take over not just physical but also cognitive aspects of human jobs. Let us understand how.


Some scientists have come up with a discovery that human emotions (decisions, desires and feelings) are not a result of free will or human intuition. Rather it is the result of multiple things that get stored in our brains which create patterns. It is when the brain starts identifying these patterns, we believe that they are intuitions. These observations and patterns if instilled in robots will outperform humans and will cause collateral damage.


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Globalization has resulted in major cross border conflicts


21 Lessons From the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari also talks about the impact of globalization on immigration. More and more people are realizing their worth and leaving their countries in search of better jobs and better lifestyles. This issue is causing a major problem in European countries. People from all over the world move to these countries for better opportunities. They are expected to fully adapt to European culture and abandon their own. This is resulting in a major identity crisis for the people of different countries.


Europeans expect these people to give up their norms, practices, dressing sense, and taboos and become unified with the European culture. This issue is causing major conflicts between these two sets of people. To resolve this issue, both the perspectives should be considered equally without having any prior biases.


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Key takeaways from 21 Lessons From the 21st Century are: Change is the only constant. Issues such as artificial intelligence, terrorism, mass unemployment can be resolved, if people decide to revolutionize their thoughts. And the practice of meditation will act as a catalyst in revolutionizing thoughts.  

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