Dear ex-boyfriend(s) ||#LettersIWillNeverSend

Dear ex-boyfriend,

This letter will definitely come up as a surprise to you! I hope you are doing well and that you are more than happy... really!

I am writing to thank you. Another surprise probably. I was reflecting and going through memories and events that made me the person I am today and I realised that I would have been ungrateful if I did not mention you.

In many ways you have helped me grow to be the woman I am. Since we are no longer together, I can say that you have been a great lesson and experience in my life. You have taught me many things about myself, about life and about love.

Whether the relationship ended 5, 4 or 1 year ago, the impact it had on my life is still very relevant. 

You probably don't care but I think I am in a better place now. I have found peace within. I have grown up and matured and I pray you have too.

You have taught me how to talk about how I feel. It was such a difficult thing to do when we were together. That's when you realise how annoying life can be: sometimes, you sow something amazing for someone else to reap.

I hope it it the case in your life. I hope in some way, shape or form I have made you a better man. Probably not the best you can be but you get where I am coming from.

You know how sometimes you don't know what you want but you are 100% sure of what you do not want.... ? Yeah, you helped me with that one too. I found out traits that I definitely do not want in the person I will be dating and end up marrying as well as things to definitely look for in this person.

Unfortunately, on a less positive side, you have also uncovered many of my insecurities and flaws but guess what..? Now I have embraced them and found my way around them. Of course, I am a work in progress but I am no longer in shambles or waiting for a man's approval. 

I have a stronger mind. I know what i want better and I am here to go and get it.

Therefore, from the depth of my heart I thank you and like Adele said- if you are in a relationship- "I wish nothing but the best for you."

I hope this letter does not come out as bitter or anything like this. It is purely a reflection time and surely a letter I will never send...

Take great care of yourself and your significant other.


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