Summer is over...☀️☀️

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Well, not weather/ temperature-wise because it is still proper hot in the UK at the moment. Yay for that!

It is about 9pm - Tue, 30th Aug. My holidays have come to an end- *sad face*, even though I had 6 weeks off. Greedy much, Mara?

Don't get me wrong, I love working and I really enjoy my job but who doesn't love holiday?! hmmm? Take your time, I'll wait!

Anyways, I had so much fun this summer and I feel like I made the best out of it- or the closest thing to the best anyway. I did as many summery things as I possibly could.

I went to the beach. This one was local- Bournemouth for the win. I even sunbathed. hum hum. You know what I mean.


I read. 2 really good books. I could have done more but you know.... other activities.

The books I read were Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and The other side of truth byBeverley Naidoo.

A common theme in these 2 books: African born characters that end up leaving their native Nigeria to go to the US or the UK. I could write a lengthy review on Americanah because it is a must read!

I partied! The night away- rooftop parties, birthday parties, party parties... yes, that's a thing! and I danced untiiiiiiiiiiiil....! I'm not really a drinker but I did try a few cocktails/ punches.

I went to/ took part in barbecues/ cookouts. There's so much I can add to that... you know. Food is bae!


I had summer crush... more than one actually. Nothing to add there either.


I went to an amusement park. Fun fact: I went to this amusement park in Canada the exact day I was supposed to travel back to the UK... living on the edge, ain't I?

I travelled- I went back to France (my second home) but I also went a bit further, Canada. La Province du Québec to be exact. I got to see my family. I meat a good 20 cousins of mine!!! We tried to set up our family tree and let me tell y'all... my fan was messed up yo! I mean marrying or having kid with relatively close cousin type of weird. With my cousins, during our family reunion, we pretty much vowed not to repeat that thing again!

I de-cluttered and it felt nice! Be it clothes, makeup, skin care products, shoes, jewelries and other accessories. I was simply making piles and piles. I also tried to put in boxes the very summery clothes that I know damn well I'm not going to wear anytime soon. Well done me!

Side-note: I will be putting some of my clothes on depop to sell them- normally the ones that were too big for me from the get go but I still went ahead and bought them... smh I am about that consumerist life. I feel sorry for myself when I think about it. I will post the link as soon as I post them on my store.

I tried to take better care of my skin- this one did start before summer though but I kept it up and I was genuinely happy with my skin. We are getting there! Yay!


Behold my #GeleOfLife


I lived a semi-connected summer and it felt good. i didn't spend too much time online going about aimlessly.


Summer 2016 was a time of letting go, on the one hand, and creating new links and relationships on the other!

Last couple of days before I start work so I'm really trying to enjoy them and getting prepared mentally, knowing that there's so much prep that I can do.

Bring on the new academic year!

How was your summer? Any break? what did you do differently this summer? Going back to work soon? Share with auntie!

I am preparing plenty of posts at the moment and will be back with my Thursday Three very soon. Until then, my lovelies and highness, be na d remain empowered!✊🏿✊🏿


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