'New Age' Word Vomit... No Thanks!

'New Age' Word Vomit... No Thanks!

Feb 23, 2016, 7:48:29 AM Business

How to Properly Write a Blog, WITH Personality.


Writing a blog for your company is a crucial part of your social presence. If you are a new company starting out and you aren’t showcasing your knowledge via a blog, then as a consumer or potential client, it is hard to assess your quality. I’m always afraid of using companies with poor digital presence because that shows a lack of effort in building your reputation as a whole. Personally, I don’t care if your business is successful because you get 90% of your clients from referrals. If I can’t see the reviews or articles explaining why your company is better than the competition, I frankly feel less confident in you as a choice.


I don’t want to write an article on EVERYTHING you need to do to create a positive digital presence because then I am out of a job. I definitely charge for that. What I do want to focus on is how you connect to your viewers via blog, while also driving traffic to your site.


Recently I was hired to write blogs for a new company in the silicone valley area. The editor either didn’t know how nor had the time to write her own blogs for the company, so she needed a professional to help her create them. I had to actually forfeit the job because the editor thought my tone had “too much personality”. I guess she was scared of people actually liking and reading her blogs… continually. Needless to say, she hired me a month ago, and still HAS YET to put out a single blog article for her company…


I’m not “bad mouthing” a client, but it is important to know that blogs are hard. It’s not just word vomiting 800 words on your Linkedin page or your website and calling it a day. There are a few guidelines you should follow that can ultimately help drive traffic to your website and keep followers coming back.


1.Use THE RIGHT Keyword Search Terms

Keywords are a very important part of any digital marketing campaign. Which keywords you choose and how many times you use them throughout the article determine how “searchable” your article is. Do some research before you write your blog to see how many keywords you can tastefully use that can help drive traffic to your blog or website. Great tools for sourcing keywords are:

1.  Your Adwords Account 

4. SpyFu 

It may also help to see what is trending. Good trending services are:

5. Hashtap 


2.Link Prominent Websites

Linking popular websites is a very similar concept to linking popular search terms. If you link your moms blog as a source, unless your mother is Oprah, I doubt there is a ton of traffic running through that site. Make your websites credible as well. You need them to be based off of actual studies not opinions. In order to find which websites have the most links to their site, you can use these sources:

1. Alexa

Checking the credibility of a site is important also. This is more for statistics and checking facts, but you don’t want to be known for throwing out incorrect statistics. (Remember.. NO WORD VOMIT)


3.Personality, PERSONALITY, Personality.

I truly cannot stress enough how important a personality driven blog can be for your business. If you don’t catch your reader within the first 2 sentences, they are basically just scrolling to read your bold taglines and look at your pretty pictures. So:

1. Make your first two sentences catchy! If that doesn’t work, atleast:

2. Make your bullet points catchy!

3. Post relevant pictures, specifically ones of your companies work if possible.

4. Don’t be afraid to be funny!

I swear in my blogs, I am sarcastic in my blogs and I can’t tell you how many people compliment me for being “real” because of those characteristics.  I’m not saying go out and start writing the word “shit” in your blog, but if it feels right coming out of your fingertips as you write your article, by all means, write it. 


Make sure you have fun with your blogs. Hiring a creative team is a GREAT idea, especially if you have no idea where to start! Our Marketing Firm Market Share Consultants is more than happy to help! If you can’t afford ghost writers just yet, then follow these steps. Choose catchy topics and be passionate about them. Readers can tell when you don’t have a passion for what you are writing about. Don’t be afraid to speak your opinion, as long as you have some fact to back it up. Be real and enjoy it.  If it means scheduling in a cup of coffee in front of your bay window every Monday and Wednesday, then make that time for your business. You might find it quite therapeutic for you as well :D And last but not least… NO WORD VOMIT



Mara Shultz is a young entrepreneur that prides herself on being a Jack Of All Trades. She is an award winning songwriter and a founder and partner of Market Share Consultants and The Online Kitchen Designer. She leads Ring The World Together as a RE:definer, supporting and building a community for victims of sexual abuse/assault, molestation and rape. With over 5 years of sales and marketing experience in the home improvement industry she has learned  training techniques and hopes to create thousands of successful advertising and marketing campaigns.

 Mara has a love for writing blogs, mostly in a sarcastic tone. She is known for witty, off of the wall posts, professionally, and writes raw and vulnerable personal blogs. You can follow her on www.ringtheworldtogether.com/impacts or her LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/in/marashultz 


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