Romania: The Fantasy Land I Call Home

Romania: The Fantasy Land I Call Home


It may be that in our inexplicable ways of trying to escape all that we know, we often forget about the beauty of our home. It may be that in our struggle to get a grasp on as much as possible of the outside world, we sometimes take for granted the places that made us who we are. This girl, herself, has looked upon her motherland as more of a lifeline than a paragon, however, this is where I learn that a home is a treasure and not a refuge for when things go wrong.

I'm going to talk to you about a dream...a dream of wanderlust and freedom. And I know that one more dreamer in a world of dreamers might just be too much for you to indulge, however, this is more than the contemplation of a small town girl. It is a recital of the world. This fantasy, you may well devour, or disparage, whichever it may be, it is very much too your choosing. But while you're making that choice, just think about the fact that this story of a home today, may just inspire you to tell the story of your own home tomorrow.

So...this post is about Romania, and the little of it that I call home.  I live in a town called Sibiu, otherwise known as Hermanstadt...however, it is such a small habitat, that the only way it's name gets an actual reaction from foreigners, is when we mention Transylvania, or the birth country of Dracula. But this is not a story about popularity. This is neither a story about the city. This is a tale about the countryside. More specifically, about an almost invisible village called Amnas, close to my hometown. This is a tale of beauty: a luring vision of endless plains, unperverted skies and undesacrated woodlands.

The dream I was telling you about... it's called...a dream of this life I know...It is a dream of national identity and it is the utter embodiment of #pursuepretty and #liveauthentic. Because to me...there is nothing more authentic than roaming the inexhaustible plains of anything pristine. To me...there is nothing more genuine than bathing barefoot in the dewy grass in the morning. To me...there is nothing prettier than simple people sharing unpretentious lives outside on the porch. Because, ultimately, it is only we ourselves who decide which tales to speak of and which Heaven on Earth we choose to embrace as our own. This is my Heaven on Earth and I choose to live it at its fullest. What's yours?

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