What happens when you take senior romance to Brugges?

As time passes, there is less new than old in each and every one of us. And as I'm trying to make up the perfect love story, I realize that the same goes with romance. I mean, how many roses can one buy to keep the fire going? And you might just as well not believe it, but there is a point in every relationship that takes grocery shopping to a whole other level. Because let's face it, when a couple spends 10 hours a day at the office, there is practically no better reason to come together than to face starvation. Senior romance: the effort to put in sentiments where there is no room except for life lessons; the struggle to find meaning in life besides the obvious reason of having children; the torment of building things ground up because " the more, the merrier"; the dream of selfishness that is significantly fading in the background of the twenties. So what to do with senior romance then? It's obviously more struggle than sentimental ease. Escape - "A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine". And that being said, this is what happens when you take senior romance....to Brugges.

You give into the game of holding hands while wondering medieval lanes and cobblestone pavements

You carelessly fall into each other's embrace while admiring the lovely canals

You lose yourself in meaningless conversations about the future over a bagel and a pint of beer (or more)

You wish back a life together with nothing but the bare necessities to handle

You dream your dream of high castles together in the rain

You rekindle the old spark with flowers and a late evening retreat by the water

"Bruges is a romantic city like no other. The swans on the canals, the winding medieval lanes and little cobblestone squares all contribute to the city's fabled ambience." - Visit Brugge - https://www.visitbruges.be/en

Published by Marcela Presecan


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