Another Junkyard Republican Debate - A "Tomcat" Fight

Another Junkyard Republican Debate - A "Tomcat" Fight

Well another Republican debate hits the dust and that’s not a positive thing.  If Americans wanted to see a “Tom Cat” fight then the debate was the place to go.  Instead of uniting together as Republicans each candidate opted to spend his time trying to impress Americans on their better than thou righteousness. 

There’s one thing that is particularly evident in the debate last night – these candidates think they’re winning the fight, but the opposite is true.  The Republican candidates are losing the war and handing the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton or the Socialist Bernie Sanders. 

What Republicans can’t seem to wrap their mind around is the fact that Americans hate the Washington cartel (Republicans & Democrats.)   They want our borders secured, not a bunch of hogwash about securing our borders and addressing the illegal immigration problem. 

Many of these illegal immigrants have maimed, killed, raped and abused American citizens.  They have brought drug dealers, drugs and harm to our citizens.  They have been given refuge in what is called “sanctuary cities,” and not one Republican or Democrat has really taken up this issue until Trump came along.  Now illegal immigration makes headlines daily and each candidate is putting his 2 cents into the pot pretending that he has a plan to secure our borders and deal with illegal immigrants.

We have two candidates who blatantly continue to lie about their support of amnesty (Cruz and Rubio) and we have one Governor (Bush) who is soft on illegal immigration because his wife is Hispanic.  All three of these men are beholding to lobbyists, the cartel, Chamber of Commerce, Koch bros. and the big hedge fund managers.  They are “insiders.”

One candidate not to forget is Dr. Ben Carson – he expressed his discomfort in the way most of the Presidential candidates were behaving during the debate.  Ben feels the candidates should agree to disagree, but not spend their time in character assassinations. 

We have one man “gentle Ben Carson,” who speaks and the media and Republicans make fun of him and kick him to the curb, but it would behoove all Americans to listen to this man, because his advice is laced with wisdom and he loves his Country and all Americans regardless of their race.

Next would be Donald Trump, the one who up until last night was way ahead in the polls – only time will tell if Americans realize that the debate was a set-up to take Trump down.  Trump is right on the most of our problems as he reiterates they all can be traced back to a corrupt Government.

 But, the hatred that the GOP, Chamber of Commerce, dark money groups and Washington cartel have for this man is beyond one’s wildest imagination.  Politicians in Washington have been exposed by Trump and they’re worrying about job security as we speak.

Yesterday before the debate 1.5 million dollars spent on an ad to kick Trump out of the Presidential run and at the debate last night it appeared that the hired guns by the Washington cartel to remove Trump were Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. 

Each of these three men pounded on Trump attacking him from all sides.  They managed to illicit angry reactions and comments from Trump and he definitely lost his Presidential demeanor.  The sad thing is Trump is the one man standing who has taken on the Washington cartel and dark money groups.  The question being, can he survive their attacks on him or will the American people set their eye on an “insider?” 

Now for the one and only man on the debate stage last night who refrained from backbiting and paybacks.  John Kasich truly monopolized the debate by addressing issues, talking about policies

John Kasich has a history of making positive decisions in the Federal Government and in his Governorship in Ohio.  He doesn’t just talk about what “I” can do – John always says, what “We” can do.

So the one very positive takeaway from the Republican debate last night was John Kasich, he was Presidential, discussed viable solutions for our many problems that has weakened our Country’s  foundation. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca  

Tboca’s Soapbox:   We’ve spent 9 debates watching Republican candidates do their character assassinations and expose each other’s dirty laundry.  When will the Republican base realize that the “Silent Majority “is awake after a long winter’s nap; they are tired of the Washington cartel type of debates. 

They are angry at the way the politicians have given into Barack Obama on border security, sanctuary cities, debt ceiling raises, Obamacare, ISIS, our weakened Military and our horrendous National Debt. 

Americans are at war on their own turf with the Chamber of Commerce, dark money groups, Washington cartel, Koch bros., lobbyists and the hedge fund managers.  Hopefully Americans of all ages will do their homework, get to know each Republican candidate and make a wise decision by voting for the Republican candidate who can beat Clinton and/or Sanders.  

Published by Marcia Wood

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