Democrats Supporting a Crook????

Democrats Supporting a Crook????

Well friends the information shared with you today is not new, but it has a high rating of importance a parallel to the top secret emails that Hillary stashed on her private server in her basement, bathroom or under her bed.  We not only have a lady running for the Presidential Election, we have a large segment of supporters who condone her criminal behavior and that is where the Nation’s biggest problem is; how could any citizen of our USA give this person any support? 

This group of people continues giving a crook financial support to help her attain the most powerful position in the World.  We have a major problem in our Nation and it isn’t just about Hillary Clinton; it’s about the immorality and lawlessness of one of our political parties(Democrats.)

How could our great Nation allow a person with such a tainted background and a history of criminal activities run for President of the USA? Furthermore why did Barack Obama nominate Hillary Clinton for one of the most important positions in our Government (Sec of State)?

There’s no wiggle room here; we know Hillary lied about her server and emails. Most importantly we know she lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack - she was an accomplice because she knew it was an attack by terrorists and she did absolutely nothing to help our men. 

Democrats are supporting a person that shirked her responsibilities as Sec of State, defied the laws of our land with her private server and email debacle. A person who watched as 4 of our American men were massacred; she lied saying the attack was the result of an online video. 

So they (and none of us know who they refers to) devised a lie about a video, saying the attack wasn’t an attack but more or less a friendly protest that went south due to online video. Jim Jordon R-Ohio) nailed her the second time she testified under oath about the Benghazi Massacre. Jim established that Hillary told her daughter and president of Libya that the attack on our 4 men was in fact a terrorist attack.

Early the next day, she grabbed one of her many cell phones and told the Egyptian Prime Minister the same thing – it was not about a video, but a terrorist attack in Benghazi. 

Clinton has told so many lies about her email and email server and has landed on one of the most ridiculous idiotic lies of all.  She would like us to think that in her position as Sec. of State, not one “secret or top secret” or confidential information came her way.

The emails have been proven to be confidential, “Secret or “top secret” and actually like her devious behavior is putting fellow Americans and our Country at risk. Our Government and those who gather our human intelligence have been placed in a very precarious position and are at risk due to Hillary’s misbehavior.

One must assume that 3 wrongs in Hillary’s perverted way of thinking makes a “right” and she has a green light to continue distorting any and all information if it makes life a bit easier for her. There is a Muslim word for lying “Taqiyyah” and according to the some Muslim Religions it is okay to lie if it benefits you or your cause.

Question begs to be asked – if Hillary wasn’t the recipient of theses emails who was receiving all of Clinton’s “secret and top secret” information.  Could there be another server sitting under a palm tree in Guam with a Chamorro native, receiving the real classified information?  Or was the secret and top secret information funneled to her aides? 

So how and why was she nominated to be our Sec. of State?  Need to backtrack a bit and gather some information; Obama chose Hillary as Sec. of State December 2008.  Understand that he did this for political reasons and to save his weather beaten story that he was in fact an awesome community organizer whatever that means. Bill and Hillary knew too much about Obama’s past.

The Obama’s and Clintons are enemies but you know what they say about keeping your enemies close; that’s exactly why Obama chose Hillary for the position.  It wasn’t because he admired her or trusted her, but because he needed to keep a thumb on her while he was creating havoc in our Nation.

Obama is smart and shrewd; he knew the Clinton spider web was so vast and powerful that they could devour him for lunch and likely have him impeached. What really happened while Hillary served as Sec of State?

Well, good ole Bill and Hillary utilized the time that she was Sec of state.  They collaborated and decided that she could use this prestigious position to help build her political war chest for 2016.

Hillary and Bill played Barbie & Ken; they were literally attached at the hip after she became Sec. of State. Their mission was to build the biggest political war chest in our history and buy the Presidential Election for 2016.

Bill, being the great orator drew in millions for his speeches and Hillary received big donations from foreign Countries via promises and big deals.  All of this money supposedly went to Hillary’s Charitable Foundation.  All of this explains why she didn’t care about our men in Benghazi – her eye was on the 2016 Presidential ball.

So to the Liberals who are clinging to Hillary like peanut and jelly to a dried up slice of bread are playing Russian roulette in this upcoming Presidential Election.  Why would they support Hillary Clinton when their party is so fractured and struggling to survive?  The Democrats are being destroyed by their own political corruption. 

Notice that Barack Obama hasn’t endorsed her or really offered any support which should be a red flag for the Democratic Party. Obama doesn’t want her following in his footsteps; he believes she may be charged with a federal crime and could end up spending the remainder of her lifetime behind bars. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

 Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  The fact that Hillary Clinton has so many supporters proves one thing and one thing only. These are the people (voters) who are dependent on the Government and Democrats. These are the people of all ages who have been brainwashed and corrupted by a false ideology.

Our Nation has succumbed to a “Nanny State” with millions of dollars going to direct subsidies.  The morality of our beautiful America has been ruptured and our freedoms and rights are quickly disappearing.  Below, just a few things that show how our freedoms and rights are being tampered with:

View this video of John Stossel’s called “Illegal Everything.”

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I get it. You're a right wing jerk who hates Hillary Clinton. And, by the way, as a writer, you SUCK!!!!

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