Did John Kasich Just Hit the Dust

Did John Kasich Just Hit the Dust

Feb 17, 2016, 10:33:48 PM News

Where is John?  Did S. Carolina forget him?  Why aren’t the Republicans supporting him?  Did a good man just get kicked under the bus?

Let’s slip in the backdoor of the Washington cartel, Chamber of Commerce, Old Republican establishment and the dark money organizations.  Why are they putting up billions of dollars to ensure that they once again choose our President for 2016?  Plain and simple friends, it’s all about money and big Government! 

Now we come to a very big question – why isn’t the Washington establishment, Chamber of Commerce and dark money groups backing the man (John Kasich) who can protect us from ISIS, restore our Military, seal our borders, balance a budget and get a handle on the National Deficit. They know John will expose their corruption, lies and stealing from the taxpayers, seniors & youth.

First and foremost the Chamber of Commerce is not our friend – they’re strictly big money, big ideas and will attempt to tromp on those who disagree with them like the Conservative Tea Parties.  Tom Donohue president and CEO of the Chamber have several things in mind this year; (1) Destroy the Conservative tea parties, (2) Get comprehensive amnesty legislation passed this year, and (3) Keep John Kasich under lock and key. 

Donohue is confident that along with “dark money” and the Chamber’s millions, Donald Trump will slither away into the night.  Mr. Donohue that hasn’t happened – not even the 1.5 million dollar ad that was run against Donald Trump ended up in disastrous results for Trump.  As of 2/13/16 Trump is still on top in the polls – we all know this can literally change overnight if Trump makes a misstep. 

The Old Republican establishment and the Washington cartel are worried about 2 candidates who are running in the Presidential Election (Trump and Cruz.)  Much of the dark money groups have their hearts set on Rubio.  Jeb Bush is trailing along with a sign etched on his forehead that reads “little brother of George W.”  

The majority of American voters peg John as an “insider” although this is an unfair connotation of the real John Kasich – he isn’t a Rubio, Cruz or Bush that are dyed in the wool “insiders.”  Cruz fits into this motely bunch of candidates because he has allowed the dark money and hedge fund managers to buy him at an ungodly price. 

John Kasich is the man with an impressive background – and a great record as Ohio’s Governor, but our Presidential Elections have always been based on money and the size of a candidate’s war chest.  John has not fallen for the big donor’s bribe and won’t be owned by anyone. 

John doesn’t have the money to compete in this Presidential Race – he concentrated on New Hampshire and came in 2nd, and that was the beginning of the end for John.  Most of his campaign money had been spent in New Hampshire. 

John is pro - life except rape and incest. He definitely would defund Planned Parenthood; he says they’ve lost their credibility.  Although he states there are plenty of other organizations that concentrates on women’s needs – he would ensure that women are a priority.

Converted Ohio's $8B deficit to $2B surplus an feels everyone should be lifted up and helped. Supports balanced budget amendment and line item veto.  To learn more about John, go to  http://www.ontheissues.org/John_Kasich.htm

Go back and watch the last Presidential debate John Kasich acted very Presidential discussed policies and issues.  John refused to participate in character assassination of his colleagues.  Voters may be passing on the one man who could restore our Nation’s weak foundations – we’ll never know because he’s struggling in South Carolina. 

Never say never though, there’s a possibility that individual donors may realize his campaign needs a real infusion and help John Kasich be the Presidential candidate for 2016.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca.

Tboca’s Soapbox:  The gist of the story is this:  The Washington cartel, Chamber of Commerce, dark money organizations and GOP want to continue spending taxpayer’s money.  They don’t want the Government to go back into the hands of the people. 

They are deathly afraid of Trump and Kasich because these two men will expose them and take away their open ended charge cards. 

American is angry, terrified of the terrorist threats, tired of working 2 jobs to put food on their tables.  They want their border secured, sanctuary cities destroyed, balanced budget, reduction of the ugly National Deficit, jobs and their freedom and rights back.  

Published by Marcia Wood

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