Fox News Political Machine a Spiderweb

Fox News Political Machine a Spiderweb

The FOX News political spider web is so vast that it would take more than a rocket scientist to dissect it.  There are a few things we do know about FOX - they definitely aren’t fair and balanced.  Rupert Murdoch and Ailes use FOX for political influence. 

For those watching the first Republican Debate you probably remember that Kelly was one of the moderators.  People walked away from the debate shaking their heads at her obvious attack on Donald Trump, but in retrospect we the people didn’t know what conspired behind closed doors.  We didn’t know why Kelly has been on a mission to throw Trump over the cliff. 

At first it appeared that it was a personality problem between Kelly and Trump, but now we know Trump was right in his accusations about FOX News.  Weeks before this debate, Kelly kept referring to the tough questions that the candidates would face and how hard she had been working on the debate questions.

So where did FOX News the so called fair and balanced media get the questions that the moderators used in the first debate?  Friends the VP of FOX News channel happens to have a daughter who is Rubio’s national press secretary –Bill Sammon collaborates with his daughter to stack the deck against Trump and other candidates who are interfering with FOX’s promotion of Marco Rubio.

This begs the question as to why would Rupert Murdoch and Ailes permit such devious behavior from the FOX team.  Hold on to you seats dear friends, Rupert Murdoch has a favorite candidate and that just happens to be Marco Rubio.  Marco, Ailes and Murdoch had a plan to push amnesty and Marco was the paid gun to do just that…

Trump and Cruz were right on target when they pointed their finger at Rubio saying he was not just soft on amnesty he was one leading the gang of eight along with Chuck Schumer to do an immigration overhaul that centered around amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Those who are ardent Kelly fans know by now that she has been on a mission against Donald Trump since June 2015.  Nightly Megyn’s cable show centers around regurgitated information about Trump. She obviously is promoting Marco Rubio and last night on Super Tuesday Megyn kept steering conversation back to Rubio. 

FOX News is a political machine – they’re on a mission to campaign via national TV for Marco Rubio’s Presidential campaign.  The debate on 3/3/16 will not be a pleasant experience for viewers. 

The questions are stacked for the debate; they are coming from Rubio’s national press secretary via FOX’s VP Bill Sammon.  Megyn Kelly Murdoch’s hatchet lady is once again a moderator for the debate.

Dick Morris, political annalist exposes FOX News and Murdoch’s political machine. 

It seems like such a waste to spend two hours listening to a rigged Presidential Debate.  This is not a debate but a tromp Trump fest sponsored by FOX News and Marco Rubio.  Rubio and Kelly are the junk yard dogs who will spend our time attacking Donald Trump the number one Presidential candidate.

It’s important to realize that Kelly keeps her finger on the political pulse for FOX and is the one given special airtime for the Presidential race.  Megyn, not O’Reilly or Sean Hannity co- hosts all Presidential events with Bret Baier.  To give Bret credit, he tries to keep the news fair and balanced on FOX; but Bret is outnumbered and must go along with Murdoch’s agenda or leave FOX. 

May God Bless America

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Tboca's Soapbox: This is just one more example of why Americans do not trust the massive Washington political machine.  FOX News is just an extension of the Washington Cartel.  FOX News is losing their credibility (their claim to fame) that they are in fact "fair and balanced." 

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