Illegal Immigrants - a Massive Government Cover-up

Illegal Immigrants - a Massive Government Cover-up

I received an email from Newsmax late afternoon that just may be the biggest Government cover-up in our Nation’s history.  In fact if this information is accurate, we have a major illegal alien epidemic in our backyard so to speak. This information has been researched and collected by a very controversial lady (Ann Coulter) and what you see and hear may or may not be the gospel truth at this time.  Ann’s a smart lady and it would be very unlikely for her to part with this information unless she can back it up with facts and hard statistics.

Ann Coulter: “I've Stumbled Upon a Massive Cover Up ...

In this interview Ann discusses our illegal immigration problem and definitely we’ve all been exposed to conspiracy theories when it comes to Government activities, but this appears to be a "Big Government" cover-up.  

After years of research and study, Ann believes that the Government is intentionally lying to us about the number of illegal immigrants in our Country.  She believes the 11 million figure(illegal aliens) that the Government and News media keep tossing out to us is in all actuality close to 30 million or more.

After seeing this interview of Ann Coulter by Money Morning, I thought possibly many things were being overstated and exaggerated, but for some reason I just couldn’t walk away.  It was time to do some research and find out if Ann Coulter has exposed a Government cover-up that will absolutely destroy our Nation as we know it now.

Donald Trump obviously knows the seriousness of the illegal immigration problem and thanks to Trump it’s an issue brought front and center.  We know that Bush, Cruz and Rubio originally wanted “amnesty” for these illegals.

Here’s critical information on the maneuvers that Obama has pulled to allow illegal immigrants entrance into our Country.  We do not have actual headcount on illegal aliens, Latin American illegals, ISIS co-operatives etc., but it’s beginning to look like Ann Coulter has opened up a hornet’s nest.

Here’s an interesting bit of information from Breitbart.  Illegal immigration is growing once again — CIS estimates eight in 10 illegals are from Mexico and Latin America. Currently, the 12.1 million Mexicans living in the U.S. send remittances totaling over $20 billion, annually, out of the American economy back to their home country. The U.S. ballooned its population with unnatural levels of immigration from 30.2 million to 42.1 million in only 14 and a half years — against nearly all Americans’ fervent wishes.      Sessions Updates Catalogue of Obama Administration ...

By the time you read this article from Brietbart, you’ll be ready to impeach Obama.

Obama administration released 104000 'criminal illegal aliens'

January 2009: Obama Administration Ends Worksite Enforcement Actions

April 16, 2009: Secretary Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline a Second Time

June 3, 2009: Secretary Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline a Third Time

May 19, 2010: ICE Director John Morton Announces Termination of Cooperation with Arizona Law Enforcement – Obama, Holder and Napolitano go after the State of Arizona

June 18, 2010: Obama Administration Sues Arizona over Immigration Enforcement Law

July 14, 2010: Obama Administration Ignores Dangerous Sanctuary City Policies

July 30, 2010: Leaked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Memo Reveals Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty Plan

August 2010: ICE Memo Stops Agents from Detaining Illegal Immigrants at Traffic Stops

September 8, 2010: Obama Administration Files Supreme Court Brief Supporting Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s E-Verify Law

September 16, 2010: Leaked DHS Memo Reveals Obama’s Long-Term Plan To Circumvent Congress and Grant “Broad Based” Amnesty

This type of illegal behavior by Obama and his gophers continue on through present day – I included just a couple more due to date and content.

March 31, 2014: DHS DOC Reveals Mass Release of Criminal Aliens

May 12, 2014: DHS DOC Reveals Thousands Of Criminal Offenders Were Freed in 2013

The problem as Coulter suggests is one big reason our National Deficit has skyrocketed during Obama’s terms and the cost of supporting these illegals and their families is astronomical.  It is impossible to construct an actual figure as to how many illegals are in our Country.  They are sending billions of dollars of our money that should be going to our citizens back to Mexico.  Guess who gets to pay for Obama’s devious illegal shananigans?

Illegal immigrants send home $50 billion annually but cost ...

Report: Surge of Mexican Immigration Pushes ... - Breitbart

Our schools have literally been invaded by children unable to speak the English language, which pretty much explains our crowded classrooms and why our schools rank 14th place out of 40 Countries.

What is most obvious is this; Donald Trump has brought this illegal alien issue out in public as one of the most important problems that must be addressed immediately or we will be another Greece. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


Tboca’s Soapbox:  Coming from Arizona I know first - hand that the illegal alien problem is critical.  An expansive amount of land in the Southwest part of State has been closed due to the illegal invasion, drug lords, rapists and criminals. 

Our schools are struggling, our children not getting good education and jobs are being taken from all of our citizens from 16 through retirement age. 

In Arizona, they have taken over our landscaping companies, our concrete businesses, our roofing companies, our schools, our colleges, planting and harvesting of crops and the list goes on and on…  I say it’s time to take back our Country and those who are here illegally need to be packed up and sent home

It is a pretty easy fix actually; take away their healthcare, food stamps, housing, healthcare, and schooling.   Give them 90 days to relocate back to their home Country.  If at that time they are still around then do what Trump said, remove them.  Illegal isn’t a race – it’s a crime!

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Ann Coulter, a white nationalist, isn't someone I'd consider a reliable source.

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