Pope Just Acquired 2 New Hats

Pope Just Acquired 2 New Hats

Feb 18, 2016, 10:59:58 PM News

So the “POPE” is the head of the Catholic Church – he actually guides and directs his faithful world-wide.  He can instruct his followers via scriptural messages or he can issue mandates to the bishops since they are the ones chosen to oversee the administrative territories or dioceses. 

Today as Pope Francis is departing from Mexico he actually took on two more hats – it appears that he is also a politician and judge, not good by any stretch of the imagination.  The Catholics depend on the Pope to guide and direct them as a religious leader, not a Liberal politician.

Here’s what the Pope said today when answering a question by a reporter.  He said, "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian," Francis told reporters 

And now his second new hat just came out of the closet, he has taken on the responsibilities of the God Head (Father, Son & Holy Ghost,) and is judging others.  Not even the Pope has any authority or right to judge another man. 

So now folks, we not only have the Washington cartel, Chamber of Commerce, Old Republican establishment and dark money organizations who have been attacking Donald Trump since last June 2015; we have Pope Francis getting down right dirty and playing politics.

The sad thing about this is the Pope has singled out one man (Donald Trump) that he obviously dislikes and said he isn’t a Christian.  This leads us down the road a bit further to this question.  What about the other Republican candidates who have promised to secure the border whether it’s a wall, fence or junk yard dogs - how it’s secured really doesn’t matter.

Ben Carson said it seemed like “a little bit of a stretch” for the pope to comment so directly on U.S. politics, but said it was within his rights. “As far as the pope is concerned, he like everybody else in the world is entitled to his opinion.  I would not weigh in on deciding whether Donald Trump is a Christian or not,” he said.
Marco Rubio, a Catholic said that he and the other Republican candidates all proposed to build a wall on the America’s southern border and Rubio refuses to budge on that... 

Jeb Bush basically said the Pope had opened up a can of worms and Jeb said, “I don’t question anyone’s Christianity – that’s between them and their maker.”

Ted Cruz isn’t going to touch the Pope’s remark about Trump with a 10 foot pole, because Ted is a candidate that tells all his supporters he will secure the border if elected and he certainly isn’t going to enter the fray and show Trump any support.

John Kasich just keeps his head down and nose clean – he doesn’t have time for all of this character assassination stuff.  Go John, you certainly have stuck to business as usual; you discuss policies, solutions and answer all questions. 

Since the Pope has 2 more hats (a politician & judge) will he take on Obama and Clinton next?  Will Pope Francis declare that Obama and Clinton aren’t Christians because they let 4 of our brave American men fall into the hands of terrorist in Benghazi without any attempt to save them? 

Will he go one step further and condemn Obama for the Fast and Furious operation that lost 4 American lives and hundreds of Mexican’s lives?  Will he say Obama isn’t a Christian because he continues funding the Muslim Brotherhood with taxpayers’ money?

In other words, when does the Liberal Pope put on the politician and judges’ hats – what are his restraints if any about entering the United States political environment?   Whatever the Pope’s motives were for attacking Trump, as usual it will only insure that Trump wins South Carolina, because they will definitely defend Trump on this one!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  Pope Francis certainly has a right to an opinion, but why did he single out one Republican candidate and not the other candidates?  They all have stated many times that the first thing they will do is secure our border.  This is where the Pope appears to be dabbling in something that is not his business – maybe he should chuck the 2 hats (political & judges hats,) and return to Rome and pray for World peace.    

Published by Marcia Wood

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