Republican Candidates Hanging Out in South Carolina

Republican Candidates Hanging Out in South Carolina

Well things have been topsy turvey in South Carolina this week – the Republican Candidates went from politicians to “raving maniacs.” 

South Carolina is used to this and probably would have felt jilted if the candidates had behaved in a professional manner.  Not to be disappointed South Carolina, the dog and pony show put on for your benefit was more like a bunch of caged lions trying to bite the hand that feeds them.

The first of the week got started off with a bang because obviously the campaign managers of each candidate said “Go after Trump the top dog in the polls – do whatever it takes to take him down.” 

Rubio repeated his old worn out speech that saying he was the only man around town who could take Trump down.  When that strategy didn’t work – Rubio started playing the same old tune about Trump’s electability.

When Cruz started slipping in the polls this week he jumped into the attack mode yelling, “Sue me Donald over my ad on abortion rights if you don’t like what it says and by the way Mr. Trump your cease-and-desist letter isn’t going to get the job done.  

Trump responded saying if I want to bring a lawsuit Teddy (his pet name for Cruz) it would be about you being a natural born Canadian.

Then there was Jeb who definitely has reached a boiling point and he told CNN.  (CNN) Jeb Bush has had enough of Donald Trump attacking him, saying Wednesday he's ready to "punch him back in the nose." Sounds like Jeb is about to go from rhetoric to something physical.  

Trump responded saying Jeb wants to look cool because Jeb traded his glasses in for some spanking new contacts. 

John Kasich without a doubt has superior credentials when it comes to having the experience and tools to “take back our Country.”  John knows a good man when he sees one and told CNN that Governor Christy was a terrific guy and he’d sure consider him being a part of his cabinet.  Kasich and Carson were the only men who refrained from the dog and cat fights between the candidates. 

Speaking of “Gentle Ben Carson” he stepped forward once again and gave Trump a gentle boost when the Pope accused Trump of not being a Christian.  Ben more or less said the Pope has a right to his opinion, but he certainly didn’t think anyone should question another one’s faith. 

Ben said on Daily Caller, “I have spoken often about the need for faith and compassion in America,” Carson said in a statement. “However, enforcing our immigration laws is not in contradiction with love and kindness.” 

Tomorrow America will know who has won in South Carolina; they’ll know who’s on first and who’s on second, but not one American citizen will have a clue which man will be our Republican candidate for 2016. All of our candidates say they're in for the long haul!

May God Bless America – may Americans choose the man who can “take back our Country America.”

As Always,

Little tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  there is something that is etched in concrete that must be considered by all of those who are trying to make an informed decision about which man can fulfill his promise to take back our Country and keep America safe.  

For the Republican candidates who are backed by the Washington cartel, Chamber of Commerce, Lobbyists and the hedge fund managers; they are owned and can’t fulfil the promises made at their campaign rallies.  

They are sincere and each one thinks he can break the political mold, but it won’t happen – it can’t happen because money talks.  

Published by Marcia Wood

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