Republican Presidential Candidates in Nevada – Who’s on First

Republican Presidential Candidates in Nevada – Who’s on First

Jeb decided to head back to Florida – big donors not happy and Jeb is tired of the rat race.  Jeb is a nice man for sure but a backer of Common Core and very soft on immigration.   

It was a tough road to follow in the footsteps of Daddy and big brother, but he deserves credit for giving it his best shot.

Kasich has his own strategy and it certainly isn’t wasting his time playing king of the mountain with the other candidates.  John took off to Virginia knowing he would receive some pretty good support from the Virginians.

But, tables have turned on him or actually not the tables the GOP insiders and some renowned heavy hitters (donors) are telling John to pack his bags and head back to Ohio.  

The big guns have finally settled on Rubio and they think John is holding him back.  Oh well, their real problem is Donald Trump, not John Kasich.

Rubio is pussy footing around Donald Trump and almost treating him the way one would treat royalty, because Donald is surging in the Nevada polls and Rubio does not want to waste money and time on Trump yet.  

Yet is the keyword here – Rubio is a strategist and must remove Ted Cruz before he starts his attack on Trump. 

Rubio is going to have his hands full because Ted Cruz is one crafty insider/outsider politician and Ted isn’t afraid of the devil himself. 

Ted Cruz had to clean up his act so to speak; he just fired a top aide for spreading some pretty nasty misinformation about Marco Rubio.      Ted Cruz Fires Top Aide for Spreading Misinformation on ...

Ted Cruz Is looking a might rough around the edges after his recent problem with Dr. Ben Carson and his mis-information about Rubio and Trump.    

The fact is he literally stole votes from Dr. Carson, although Cruz tries to soften the circumstance a little saying it was an honest mistake.  Cruz is a day late and a dollar short thinking his apology to Dr. Carson gives him a free get out of jail card. 

Bottom line is this; the precinct leaders at the polling stations were telling voters that Ben Carson was no longer in the race.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds a lot like stealing votes.   

All is fair I guess in love and war, but Cruz’s behavior is beginning to look like a bit suspicious and it’s starting to look a lot like a street brawl.  

Voters eventually get their fill of lies and misinformation - Voters are probably looking at other candidates as we speak.

Ben Carson just keeps chugging along oblivious to the rest of the crazy candidates – Ben is one of a kind.  He’s an outsider.  

Ben is a very kind intelligent man, who hasn’t been exposed to the rough and tumble politics in our USA.  Ben is Ben and people love him for being “the real deal.” 

Then we have the Trump card and who knows what new surprises he’ll have for us.  Trump is Trump; he isn’t beholding to anyone.  He loves his Country and fellow Americans and he’s a fighter.  

Donald doesn’t use a teleprompter, a script and his rallies are unlike any others in the history of our Country.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  There’s 5 good men out there fighting for their Country.  Anyone of these men would be a refreshing change for our Nation because they know that Americans are scared, angry and fed up with the same ole, same ole political rhetoric that comes out of the mouths of the polished politicians.  

Americans don’t want a do-over of the past 7 years plus – they want a man who will keep their Country safe from terrorist, resolve the illegal immigration problem, balance the budget, rebuild our weak Military and create an environment for job growth.  Most of all Americans want someone who is honest, will follow their Constitution and someone who will give them back their Government. 


Published by Marcia Wood

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