September 11, 2001 2 Jets Took Down the Twin Towers

September 11, 2001 2 Jets Took Down the Twin Towers

Al-Qaeda operatives hi-jacked 2 jet airlines and drove them into the twin towers at the World Trade Center.  America was in shock and could not believe that they were watching this attack on our World Trade Center on National TV in real time. 

Months after 911, citizens, politicians and Military were trying to figure out how this attack occurred on our turf.  Some believed it was due to our complacency; others thought it was ignorance or strictly human error?

It is true that in 2001, our intelligence agencies had warnings that al-Qaeda terrorists were planning “something big” and that it might involve the U.S. homeland. But there is no evidence that the CIA or any other government agency knew the Twin Towers might be a target or that commercial airliners would be the chosen weapon.

2 Senators (Gary Hart D. - Colo. and Warren Rudman R.-NH) headed the Hart/Rudman Commission actually issued warnings prior to the attack on the twin towers.  Hart and Rudman prepared a detailed report concerning an imminent terrorist attack. 

Gary Hart and Warren Rudman released a report on the urgent steps necessary to begin the process of protecting the United States against a terrorist attack. The report stated that terrorists, and other disaffected groups will acquire weapons of mass destruction, and some will use them,” the report warned. “Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers.” Hart precisely predicted that the country was vulnerable to “a weapon of mass destruction in a high-rise building.”

There’s no doubt Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rice had been warned about a terrorist attack on our turf, but the year was 2001 and no one realized that Bin Laden was going to carry out his threat to attack the United States. 

Bush wanted Cheney to do a study on the likely hood that terrorists might prepare an attack on the USA.  Bush said he would check Cheney’s report periodically.  So no one was actually prepared for an attack on the twin towers, although Hart did mention weapon of mass destruction in a high-rise building. 

There was no sense of urgency during 2001 prior to the attack; our Nation had always been safe and that was the mind set during this time.  Did Bush drop the ball – that will be debated and argued for generations to come?  It’s so easy to stand on the outside and point fingers – we do know there were plenty of warnings about terrorist attacks prior to 2001 and we do know that George W. Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rice had been warned months before September 11, 2001.

But, fast forward to 2015 and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino – once again it is obvious that our Government isn’t prepared to keep our Country safe from terrorist attacks.  Nothing much has changed since 2001 – plenty of warnings, but no direct actions from our Government to stop the influx of terrorist cells.

Our borders are wide open, many of our citizens have been maimed or killed by those crossing our border and the over stayed visa problems have not been addressed and Muslims keep flowing into our Country without being vetted correctly. 

May God Bless America

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Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  Trump did not say George W. Bush lied about the terrorist attack, but he did say that Bush was warned repeatedly about a terrorist attack.  Trump expressed his thoughts about Iraq and feels that the United States was coerced into going into war in Iraq via lies.  Trump's Attack on Bush over 9/11: Strategy or Conspiracy ...  

Two important things to remember during this time; (1) Americans were traumatized by the 911 terrorist attack, and (2) The narrative from the Bush Administration stated that Saddom Husein had weapons of mass destruction. 

It seems that “we the people” are always in the dark; none of us will ever know the truth about the 2001 terrorist attack or Iraq.  Is it any wonder that Americans don’t trust the “insiders?”

Published by Marcia Wood

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