South Carolina Spoke and Everyone Listened

South Carolina Spoke and Everyone Listened

South Carolina speaks for Americans – they chose the man that is a true outsider. They nabbed the man who isn’t beholding to anyone. 

No one owns Donald Trump – he doesn’t have a price on his head.  Donald is a man who can’t be bought by the Washington Cartel, Chamber of Commerce, the lobbyists or the dark money groups.

Tonight 2/20/2016 South Carolinians just announced that they will “take back our Country America” with the help of Donald Trump. 

They’re on the fight, they hate the Washington politicians.  They don’t want another Presidential election that is laced with false promises and a bunch of political rhetoric.

South Carolina like all the other States in our Union have suffered for 7 ½ years under the Obama reign.  Many have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings and their hope for better times.

They want their borders secured, their Military strong once again and their veterans to receive the best in healthcare.  

They want a balanced budget, a thriving economy and most of all they want to leave their children and future generations a legacy that they will embrace with pride.

They want to wake up in the morning to a strong beautiful Nation that is respected world-wide.  They want their Government back along with their freedoms and rights restored. 

The South Carolinians aren’t sitting around begging for Government handouts – they are extending their support to Trump saying, “We’re standing beside you, Mr. Trump, not behind you. 

We’re ready to help you restore our beautiful America.”   As Donald has said many times, “We will make America great again.” “We” happens to be the keyword – Donald knows it will take everyone working together to restore our Nation’s foundation.   

Donald Trump is a great leader because he realizes that Americans are hurting.  They’re afraid of ISIS and worry about their weakened Military.  

They worry about the unsecured borders, the stagnant economy, the sanctuary cities, their money going to the Muslim Brotherhood and the horrible National Deficit that keeps growing at a rapid pace. 

Donald Trump feels their pain, because he loves American and all Americans.  He is a father and grandfather.   He knows how fathers, mothers and grandparents feel and why they are so angry and scared. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood

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