Trump Remains on Top in Republican Presidential Race

Trump Remains on Top in Republican Presidential Race

At this time," America is not a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere."  

NBC shows the latest polls with Trump having 39%, Rubio 21% and Cruz at 19%.

There are several reasons that Americans are supporting Donald Trump; it’s not just based on anger and frustration.  Its fear that the greatest nation in the world is being shredded and destroyed by those who wish to do us harm.

The battle isn’t just about protecting us from terrorists, but protecting us from the Republicans and Democrats who are definitely our enemies. The war is here and it’s on our turf.  The 2016 Presidential election will be the deciding factor in the direction our Country heads. 

Will we fight to restore our Nation or will we allow the Washington Cartel to suppress us and continue the mass destruction of “One Nation Under God.”

Americans over the past 7 plus years realize that the GOP has not fulfilled their promises or accomplished anything.  During this interim the Republicans brandish their white flags with tail between their legs and appease the Democrats.  The Republicans have established themselves as “insiders” with total disregard to American citizens. 

Americans of all ages have revolted against “Big Daddy Government” and the weak-kneed Republicans who refuse to fight for their Country.  It’s not just anger that’s causing this revolt.  It is the lack of leadership from the GOP. 

The strange part of this story is the blatant refusal by the Republicans to listen to the American citizens.  As we speak, instead of changing their ways the Republican establishment is acting in a very defiant manner. 

They’re bound and determined to prove that big money, big deals and big Government will win their fight against the American populace.  As we speak the GOP is hiding behind doors, sucking in all the money they can get their hands on in a last ditch attempt to remove Trump. The power of politics is evidenced by the Pope and World renown pastor; they have fallen victims to the Washington Cartel.

Max Lucada had joined the Pope’s bandwagon and has just given a scathing interview about Trump.  Will this hurt Trump, probably not because Mr. Lucada knows only too well that religion and politics aren’t a good mix? 

When pastors jump into the political brawls, the perception of the general public is not good.  They immediately perceive that the person professing religion is acting as a judge and that goes against every fiber in their body.  “Judge not that ye be not judged. “  

The evangelicals are starting to support Donald Trump, which surprises many political commentators.  The answer is simple; they don’t want an “insider.” They want someone brave enough to stand toe to toe with Republicans and Democrats, someone who will expose the corruption in our White House.

The evangelicals want borders secured, sanctuary cities closed down, our Military strengthened, a balanced budget, and reduction of the National Deficit.  They want their Country safe from terrorists and they want jobs, jobs and more jobs.

In closing a couple of very interesting things have occurred the past few days.  Chris Christy is now supporting Donald Trump, which means other Republican Governors will follow suit.

Finally, a comment from Newt Gingrich suggesting that the GOP may have to start considering how they will get along with President Trump.

Marco Rubio seems to have lost total control – in an attempt to defeat Trump he’s turning into a blithering idiot.  Not good for a young man who didn’t support the Senate, was soft on amnesty and hasn’t had any leadership experience. 

Marco Rubio is a nice young man who has been trashed by his campaign managers; it’s sad to see him being used as a puppet.

May God Bless America

As Always

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood


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