Two Good Men

Two Good Men

No doubt there is a bit of humor daily if we but look for it.  Here’s the kind of things that keeps this 75 year old grandmother young.   My three year old grandson and I are tight – in fact we’re best buddies!  He wants to be big like his 10 year old brother, so I signed him up for ABC 

Nightly he comes to my office and says, “Time to do my homework, gram.”  So last night we just finished doing his homework and as he was leaving my office, he turned around and said, “Are you going to “bog” on Donald Frump tonight Gram?  I tried to act like an adult, but the bog and “Donald Frump” just made my day and I laughed so hard I couldn’t talk.

Anyway, let’s talk about Donald a bit.  Since June 2015, the critics have said that Donald was short lived; no one would pay any attention to him.  They said he was a reality show personality and this Presidential race isn’t a reality show, it’s the real deal.  Still as of today, some who consider themselves experts in the political field say, just wait until “Super Tuesday” he will get kicked under the bus. 

Time will tell on that one, but observing the actions and reaction of Americans makes me believe “Super Tuesday” may be a win-win for Trump.  What the Republican, Democrats, Chamber of Commerce and dark money groups can’t seem to understand is this, Americans don’t trust them, they literally hate “Insiders” and Donald has and will continue to expose their corrupt ways and mistreatment of the American populace.

Donald being the blunt outspoken person that he is keeps things pretty lively and the media has had a hay-day following him because their ratings are going off the Richter scale.  Nope, they don’t like him but they don’t dare ignore him or their ratings will plunge. 

He’s been accused of being a Liberal, for Planned Parenthood, Muslim & illegal alien hater, a woman hater and of course the latest according to the Pope, he isn’t a Christian.  Those who hate Trump say he doesn’t have any policies or plans on foreign policy, illegal immigration, balancing a budget, restoring our broken economy, nor does he know how to decrease our pathetic National Deficit.

Let’s agree to disagree here – he is the one who brought our economy, securing the border, ISIS, a solid tax plan, how to correct our broken trade policies with Mexico, China, Japan etc. to the forefront and he doesn’t hate Muslims, Hispanics or women. 

Just let your fingers do the walking and go to  this discusses his positions and policies in depth.   Everyone needs to put their big boy pants on and quit harassing Trump and Americans with the million dollar dark money ads they are running in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

This “Club for Growth” dark money organization support big Government and love “insiders, need I say any more?  They were supporting 5 candidates back in the fall of 2015. 

The Club for Growth announced Tuesday that it will accept donations for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.).  So far 4 of their “insiders” have hit the dust – Marco is the one man standing and my bet is they’ll spend millions if not billions trying to exterminate Donald Trump. 

The real Donald Trump has stood up, has won New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Americans are rallying around Donald because they want their Country to be great again. They want their rights and freedoms restored.  They want their children and grandchildren to have a legacy so great that they can wrap their arms around it with pride and love.


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


Tboca’s Soapbox:  Again, I repeat one thing that Americans must address before the 2016 Presidential election.  Donald Trump is not beholding to anyone – he has exposed the corruption in Washington.

Donald Trump will go down in history as being the only man who stood toe to toe with the Washington Cartel, Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists and the dark money groups.  Without the Donald, we would once again be the prey of the “Insiders.” 

Marco is a great young man and loves his Country but Marco has never been in a position to learn or acquire the necessary tools for leadership.  Marco is owned and beholding to the hedge-fund managers, the lobbyists, the Cartel and Chamber.

Marco Rubio will be strong armed and treated unmercifully if he should be our President elect.  This phenomenon is not because Marco is bad, evil or corrupt but due to the fact that the Government belongs to those who wish us harm.  Until the citizens of America take back their Government, they will never be able to “make America great again.”

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