Who Said FOX News is “Fair and Balanced”

Who Said FOX News is “Fair and Balanced”

Mogul Rupert Murdoch started FOX News in 1996. Murdoch chose Roger Ailes as the permanent CEO of the 24 hour news channel that airs on cable and satellite systems.  FOX News has millions of faithful viewers.  But is FOX News really “fair and balanced?”  Or is FOX News used as a political tool by Rupert Murdoch for political influence?

If you are  one of those diehard viewers who would rather fight than switch from FOX – take a few minutes to learn about the man that owns FOX.  Rupert also owns Wall Street Journal, so now you know why his editors are attacking Donald Trump on a regular basis.  Rupert Murdoch wants open borders and his go to guy to get the job done is Megyn Kelly’s little darling (Marco Rubio.)

Breitbart News has previously exposed how Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful open borders immigration lobbying firms in the country, the Partnership For A New American Economy. Similarly, Murdoch has joined executives at Goldmann Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup in urging Congress to fast-track President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.  

Rupert can’t resist getting his hands in the political pot - why would he pick on “gentle Ben Carson?  For those who are interested in finding out more about Rupert, just follow him on “twitter.” 

Most remember when Donald Trump bowed out of the Presidential Debate and held a rally of his own in Iowa for the vets.  Donald had a reason! 

Many were aghast when Donald comes down on FOX News, but the Donald knows a lot about FOX that he hasn’t shared with his supporters. Mainly because Donald realizes that FOX News & Himself have a mutual need to stay close to one another and it isn’t an admiration society.

Rupert Murdoch has a new puppet to join hands with Marco Rubio and that is as O’Reilly says, “Miss Megyn Kelly.”  Rupert soon discovered that darling little Megyn will do the highland fling if the price is right.   

Megyn’s Kelly files are chock full of “anti-Trump” journalists and commentators.  Her panels that she holds now and then on the Republican candidates are should we say stacked with “anti-Trump” voters.

This explains why Megyn Pounced on Trump during the first Republican Debate like flies on a pigs back.  She’d received her marching orders from good old Rupert to take Trump down and relegate him to the ancient history shelves. 

Well, Rupert and Megyn’s are still fighting against Trump, but the “Donald” stays away from Megyn like she got a contagious disease.  He may be right – it’s called dirty politics.  

Marco Rubio is an “insider” always has been and he’s bought owned and packaged by some of the biggest companies or Corporation in our Country.   Check this out if Americans are compiling an “ENEMY LIST” and checking it twice.

Fox news has wined and dined Marco Rubio – they have chosen him as their Presidential puppet and history has proven that money talks as you see by the size of Marco’s war chest.

Now today is the day before “Super Tuesday” and Rubio and Cruz have acted like raving maniacs against Trump; these men are desperate because Trumps polls keep climbing.  Cruz no doubt will win in Texas and Rupert’s fair-haired boy (Rubio) will probably lose his home state Florida. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  For those who don’t like Donald Trump’s choice of words or his combative attitude at times –Donald knows that he is up against the Washington, Cartell, many hedge fund managers, Rupert, Old Republican establishment, Democrats, Chamber of Commerce and dark money organizations. 

This has been a one man stand against corruption in our America.  If he doesn’t continue fighting now, who will fight for us?  Donald Trump is fighting for all Americans regardless of race – he wants the Hispanics and African Americans to achieve the American Dream. 

 Blogging about politics isn’t fun or funny – every time I start a blog it makes me sick at my stomach that our Nation has been taken over by thugs, big Government, Republicans and Democrats.  

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