Decor Tips for Indoor Garden

Decor Tips for Indoor Garden

Oct 28, 2021, 9:30:20 AM Life and Styles

An indoor garden can give you two things: First, a sense of being close to nature even when you live in the heart of a metropolis, and second, access to fresh flowers and edibles—should you need them to beautify your dinner table or elevate your cooking. Those benefits are enough to explain why gardening has recently experienced a surge in popularity. It's truly a worthwhile endeavor.

But you need a few things to start gardening indoors. Top of mind is a spacious but not necessarily luxury space. Plus, lots of time to spare because, well, gardening requires focus and commitment. And, most importantly, a couple of green thumbs. 

However, if you can't check those prerequisites, there's no need to worry. There's a way around your limitations. Here are some practical tips to get you started with indoor gardening.

Spice up your wall with a hanging garden

One of the most common concerns by people interested in indoor gardening but aren't able to pursue it is the lack of space. If that resonates with you, it's time to get creative. Yes, you can pull off incorporating plants in the room. And you read that right. We mentioned a room, not even a full-blown house or apartment. Just how you might ask.

Think wall hanging gardens. Even the smallest studio unit has four walls. Most of the time, those walls remain idle. So why not decorate them with greenery? Here you have many options.

You can plant herbs. As soon as they grow, you'll have a steady supply of kitchen staples to spice up your dishes. Or you can have low-maintenance cacti or succulents. They look pretty anywhere you put them. Or maybe small hanging pots of lavender. They give off a stress-relieving scent that comes in handy during busy days at your home office.  

Maximize ceiling space

What does your ceiling do, except from hosting your lights and perhaps a fan or two? Maybe you're a bit vain (don't worry, we all have a tinge of vanity), and you have a ceiling mirror parallel to your bed. But those pretty much cover the ceiling's contribution to your living space's functionality and aesthetics. It's time to get your ceiling working.

Affix plant hangers to your ceiling, and voila, you have an indoor garden. Here it would help if you chose plants the thrive indoors.  Your options include Chinese evergreen, cast iron plant, English ivy, and dumb cane, among others. 

As for the hangers, you can DIY them. If you have ropes and empty cans in your storage cabinet, you got everything you need. Paint or decorate those cans. Turn the rope into makeshift baskets for your hangers, with enough length to dangle from the ceiling. Borrow a ladder from your neighbor and have those hangers firmly fixed onto your ceiling. That last part is where you need to be extra cautious. You do not want any accidents involving your hangers while you're entertaining guests. 

Consider hydroponic gardening

Another notable indoor gardening option for people with limited space is hydroponics. This approach makes incorporating plants in the room a breeze. Hydroponic gardening is the science of growing plants without soil. Instead, you'll need to rely on other elements. Those include light, which can either be natural or artificial and fertilizer-infused water. 

Other crucial considerations for successful hydroponic gardening include temperature, humidity, and pH levels. Average room temperature will do. Keep humidity between 50% and 70%. As for pH levels, safe numbers fall between 5.8 and 6.3. 

Build a plant shrine

If space is not an issue for you, then, by all means, build a plant shrine in your home. Here all you need is a dedicated room that has access to natural light. With a plant shrine, you can go all sorts of ways. You can have hangers dangling from the ceiling. You can have a cart brimming with cacti and succulents. You can have small planters on the walls and big planters on the floor—all at the same time.

Think of it as your mini indoor jungle. Just make sure none of your housemates has allergies. Or at least stay away from houseplants prone to trigger allergic recreations.

Lastly, do not play favorites. All of your plants deserve your attention. Sure some of them will be low maintenance, but that's not an excuse for you to be negligent of their needs. Remember, plants have feelings too.

Go green inside

They say your heart's red. But it's better green. That's nature's color, and you're part of nature, after all. Greenify your heart and home via indoor gardening. It can't be that difficult.

Whatever limitations your organized space pose, there's nothing that a little creativity and boldness can't solve. If you're really into indoor gardening, nothing should hold you back. Try the recommendations cited above to get you started.

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