Love Everything in Surrendering

(Inspired by my daughters Isis Kamelia, and Carimarie in January 2013)

Life is teaching me many many lessons EVERY DAY of really surrendering and letting go on a completely new level of loving. It is exciting how I am reaching at my age (46) at this new level of loving. I spoke once with a nun when I turned 44 and she told me the older the better we get at understanding and living in ONENESS, in SPIRIT.

I have learned so far that one way of showing that love is by expressing to the “OTHER” how MUCH they are all loved no matter what they do or say, and they are loved by being themselves, just the way they are. That I am there for them if they need me, but not to judge them or tell them what they got to do. As my spirit is awakening, their souls are going through their own awakening experiences too. They will learn to tap their challenges when they start listening to their inside (soul, spirit) instead of looking for answers outside.

It is not easy to see how people close to you that you love (relatives, friends) are confused and trapped into their egos, judgments, prejudices, selfishness, intolerance and I can go on…, but my job is to listen to them and know in my heart that they have to go through their own journeys to evolve and grow and tO nOt interfere with their self-discoveries…

Love everything in surrendering. ♥ I love you

P.S. Written in January 2013, when I was 46 years old...

Published by Maria Santiago- Valentín

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