Monica Puig- A Cinderella Story - Olympic Gold Medal Winner @ RIO2016

Monica Puig- A Cinderella Story - Olympic Gold Medal Winner @ RIO2016

Mónica Puig, shattered glass ceilings last night as a first timer.  First Timer EVER Puerto Rican Olympic Gold Medal Winner. First Latin American Female Gold Medal Winner in Tennis.  I cried last night, when I saw her in tears.  Every time I see the video playing "La Borinqueña", Puerto Rico's national anthem, I cry again.

My island needed this good news, like Monica said in an interview.  In an island, where the programs of music, arts, and sports are the first ones to be downsized due to "eternal" budget cuts, her victory makes me cry again.  At this moment, more cuts are affecting education in general, special education and the programs I mentioned before in order to repay the "vulture funds".

And then, in Facebook many were happy for us and others in their comments were claiming that her medal belongs to team USA.  Really?  Now Puerto Rico is America?  But we were NOT Americans,  and our citizenship was questioned when a bill sponsored by Mr. Pedro Pierluisi (the Puerto Rico Uniformity Act of 2015) that  was created to allow certain agencies of the government of the Island to apply for bankruptcy was rejected with contempt by the Republicans and Congress. 

I remember the shame, pain, and anguish that my fellow Puerto Ricans went through in the Island, when Congress turned their back on us, and as I write this, thinking about Puig's achievement I cry again.

Puerto Rico, Te Amo


Published by Maria Santiago- Valentín

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