12 Car Tech Innovations to Watch in 2018

12 Car Tech Innovations to Watch in 2018

Nov 9, 2017, 5:08:21 PM Tech and Science

Technology is changing the world and the automotive world is no different. Sophisticated technology innovations are changing how our cars look and drive – so, what can you expect to see on the road in 2018? Here are 12 car tech innovations to watch out for next year.

Electric Car Galore

Electric cars are becoming more popular across the globe. While pure electric cars are still a long way from being the norm, hybrid vehicles are increasing in numbers. Indeed, there is a growing trend towards sustainable tech in cars, which will revolutionise the industry in 2018. Even in the normal, non-electronic cars, fuel efficiency is the key.

Semi-Autonomous Cars

2018 is the year for the semi-autonomous car. Cadillac is bringing out a model that has a semi-autonomous support system with CT6 sedan. While this is not yet the self-driving vehicle everyone is talking about, it is clearly the first step towards a more autonomous cruise control. You will slowly start driving less, which is probably a good way of getting everyone on board the idea of the self-driving car.

AI to Take Over the Wheels

Cars won’t just have systems to support semi-autonomous driving, but they might start taking away the wheel from you. Lexus and Volvo will both have new cars coming out that support AI systems, which will take the steering wheel control away from the driver. This is to provide more safety and to avoid collisions.

Automated Parking

Different parking assistant technologies have been a big hit and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In 2018, proximity alarms, backup cameras and self-parking systems will be the norm in most new models. Parking has never been easier or safer!

Augmented Reality

You can soon combine your driving experience with augmented reality. Hyundai is using technology to help you learn about the different functions in the car with the help of augmented reality – fixing a problem has never been more educating or interactive. Even if you don’t know anything about motors, you might be able to use these systems to diagnose the problem and ensure it’s fixed quicker.

De-compressing Sounds

Those who love to play gospel music while driving will be in for a treat. Cars are better utilising de-compressing technologies that allow the audio systems to scan compressed files to create clearer and more dynamic sounds.

Better Climate Control

Cars have generally just had the heating support for your bottom but you could soon be heating the armrests and even have a massage while sitting in the car. Better climate control is making its way to luxury models with technologies such as ambient lighting, adjustable climate control and automated fragrance dispensers becoming the norm in 2018.

Proper Backseat Video Systems

If you have children, then they are going to love some of the car models coming out next year. Lincoln Navigator will have a dual-screen rear entertainment system that allows passengers to stream live TV, for example.

Enhanced Communication

There are also new models that support better communication between the frontseat and backseat passengers. If you have a minivan or an SUV, talking to people in the backseat could become easier with audio systems. Honda is even releasing a car that allows passengers at the front see what is happening at the back with the help of embedded cameras.

Boosted Bluetooth

An old but often buggy technology in cars has been Bluetooth connectivity. Things will finally change in 2018, with most car manufacturers boosting the Bluetooth systems with near field communication (NFC) technology. So far, this might only work with Android phones, but it’s expected to launch on iPhone too.

Apps Galore

Overall, the use of apps will become increasingly important for cars. You don’t just have to integrate your phone with your car but most cars come with their own application systems. You can find anything from weather apps to navigation apps in modern cars. In 2018, the number of apps will grow fast and there will probably be a few surprising additions along the way.

Quieter Motoring

Although some people enjoy the raw sounds of the engine, others would rather drive in quiet. Quiet cars are becoming more popular – not just in the neighbourhood either! In 2018, a lot of new models will have special Quiet Mode systems that allow the driver to tune out the sounds while still allowing some sounds to come across during other times.

Now, some of the above trends won’t be available for the common man while others will. You can already get your hands on the technology and if you opt for the Kwik Fit voucher codes, you won’t have to break the budget to add a bit of car technology to your drives.

So, make your journeys more fun and safer with the above innovative products.

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