Alternative Christmas Cakes to Try this Year

Alternative Christmas Cakes to Try this Year

Dec 17, 2016, 8:24:32 PM Life and Styles

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without food, and plenty of it! Enjoying good quality fodder with friends and family is a great way to socialise and reflect upon the year gone by.

The traditional Christmas Cake is something most households either buy or make every year - its traditional aroma and alcohol drench fruit consistency is quintessentially British. But what if the rich, dense dried fruit cake isn’t your bag and you’ve already eaten too many mince pies; why not try an alternative Christmas cake this year?

Here are some alternative Christmas Cakes london has to offer from Adams Cakes to tantalise your taste buds and delight your guests:

Tunis Cake

Made from a light lemony Madeira cake and topped with marzipan, indulgent chocolate ganache and marzipan fruit decorations, this cake says traditional yet tasty. The chances are this cake will appeal to more your guests, especially children. Add a touch of sparkle by decorating with edible gold dust.

Christmas Cupcakes

Perfect for an afternoon treat or for you guests to take away, a cupcake is a delightful way to present cake. Cupcakes lend themselves to being decorated any way you like. For Christmas you could decorate as Snowmen, Santa or traditional holly and mistletoe inspired cakes. Get the kids involved and have some fun!


The traditional Christmas Cake of Italy. Panettone is a sweetbread traditionally packed with sweet candied fruit and festive flavours. Why not indulge in the less festive chocolate Panettone, or perhaps endeavour to make delightful mini Cranberry Panettone? This sweetbread lends itself to being a sweet treat and pudding which means it carries different flavours well.

Chocolate Tiffin

Tiffin is an ideal ‘cake’ for making with the kids. Usually made up of crushed biscuits or scones, dried fruit, cocoa powder and golden syrup, this frugal cake makes the most of your leftovers.

You can make your tiffin extra special this year by adding different types of confectionary. Maltesers, and marshmallows will give it that rocky road twist, or decorating with melted chocolate, white and dark for a marble effect will create an eye catching treat.

Fancy a little tipple? Adding whisky to Chocolate Tiffin fits just as well as vinegar on chips! This is great treat for adults!

Chocolate Yule Log

Light Chocolate sponge and indulgent chocolate ganache delightfully decorated with icing sugar to look like snow and novel characters adorning, this delicious cake will attract kids and adults alike. Most people adore chocolate, so you can’t really go wrong.

Create your own alternative Yule log by using a chocolate and Guinness recipe. Adding Guinness to the sponge will create a deep, dark indulgent sponge.

Tropical Pound Cake

Think Christmas in the Bahamas! Fancy something totally different this year then go for a Tropical Pound Cake, made with heaps of coconut and topped with almonds, serve with pineapple, close your eyes and pretend you're on a white sandy beach!

Novelty Christmas Cakes

Why not have an eye-catching novelty Christmas Cake as your table centre piece this year? Excite your guests with a fun, unique and extremely tasty cake. Whether you want a cake inspired by an iconic landmark, with a Christmas theme or your favourite Christmas Character, it is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Or perhaps you want a bespoke design, a giant version of a favourite biscuit, a model of a favourite car or even a well-loved pet. Whatever you choose you will be sure to have your guests saying “wow!”

Afraid your icing skills may not be up to scratch or you simply don’t have the time in this busy Christmas period? Adams Cakes specialise in bespoke cake creations, meaning you could have the novelty cake you want.

Pick the flavours you like and have the cake made for you. That way you can concentrate on the rest of the Christmas food, and wrapping all so presents

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