B2B Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Works in 2019

B2B Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Works in 2019

Mar 7, 2019, 2:16:36 AM Business

Are you familiar with B2B? B2B or Business to business way of the transaction between businesses, that involves a manufacturer and wholesaler or retailer. Apart from B2B, there are also business to consumer (B2C) and business to government (B2G) transactions (Investopedia, 2018). Automobile manufacturing is one of the example of B2. They are producing a car where all of the parts are purchased from many companies. B2B companies have a high volume of sales and production. It’s different from B2C where most of the transactions are between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services. 

One of the challenges of B2B business is getting customer just like other business. For a big company that has established a long time ago, they don’t need to worry because they already have a strong brand positioning. But how to do marketing for the new B2B business? Is it the same as how B2C market do? Mostly B2C market uses online marketing strategies to reach wider audiences since nowadays people are doing most of the transaction online. If you are wondering, let’s take a look at how to do offline marketing strategies for B2B in 2019.

Sponsorship or Donation

If you think giving a sponsor or donation wouldn’t give much impact for your business, you’re wrong. It’s still an effective way to get your business online and reach more people in physical space. By sponsoring an event, it will create a face-to-face interaction. The message that you want to tell your target audience will also more easy to understand than to do it online. Giving a donation can be done not only by giving cash but it also in In-kind sponsored like providing the tools or things that the event might need. It could be one of your business services or products. Becoming a sponsor of an event will also make your brand reputation increase. 

Printed Promotional Tools 

B2C brand focus on online branding since most of the customers nowadays are purchasing everything online. It will be great for B2B brands to work more on printed merchandise. Based on the Next Web, 90% of visual information are processed by the brain. Many brands have proven that the brands that stick in the mind are often placed by physical branding. There are many ways to do physical branding, you can use your employee or customers to be a “walking billboard” by giving them your company branded t-shirt, or other merchandise like the bag, notepads, lanyard, flash drive, and umbrella. Don’t forget to maximize the role of booklet, billboard, and brochures. Getting your brand logo and name on physical products will surely create more attention from potential customers and clients. 

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a collective term for the use of unconventional marketing. This experiential marketing will create more brand awareness in a physical space. There are many ideas that you can try to do Guerilla marketing. It can be used to surprise and delight the potential or existing customers. The reasons why Guerilla marketing still effective in this digital era is because we still need conventional ways to attract people. No matter how often people go online, they are still people who want to be inspired and to feel a heartwarming response to a piece of content. 

There is still a high opportunity that could be waiting for your B2B brands on offline. Here are some ideas to do your Guerilla marketing: 

  • Accidentally leave a branded pen on a public place
  • Donate branded notebook to local libraries
  • Leave a fancy sticker in random places like restaurant or coffee shops

Be a Speaker at Events

An event is still an effective promotional activity until today. It’s a great way to broaden your network, meet new potential customers or clients for your business, and create brand awareness. It would be best if you can be the speaker of an event that relevant to your business. Try to look at some workshop or seminar that you might suitable to be the speaker. 

Don’t forget to prepare high-quality content to be given to audiences and include how you do your business on the talk. This would increase the reputation of your business, as many people will pay attention to what you say. But if you still don’t have any courage or haven’t found any events that would be relevant, just start by attending the events. 

Business Cards

Business cards are still the most important tool for your business. It will give you a professional and trustworthy image for your business. If you are a business owner, it’s required for you to bring well-designed business cards as a representative of your business. Try many ways than just passing your business cards to people that you meet. Besides giving it directly to the new people, you can drop it everywhere. For instance, leave your business card with a tip after you finish eating at the restaurant. Another way, put your business cards inside the book of the local library. Make sure the book is related to your business. 

These are other things that you need to know and pay attention to when you’re doing the B2B Marketing. 
-    Be a real human: sales is not about forcing people to buy, but also make them know and realize that our product can be the solution for their current problem or issue. Don’t forget to learn and know the tips of having a conversation with a businessman. Be an active listener so you can know what their problem is, and you can adjust your offer and product to be relevant to them. 
-    Focus on target: Make time to set and segment your target audience well. All of those tips below wouldn’t work unless you do it for the right audience. 

Those are few tips for effective offline marketing that you can try for B2B brands. A perfect combination of online and offline marketing will leads you to a successful B2B brand.

Published by Maria Simpson

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