Brilliant Bedroom Style: Jazzing Up Your Bedroom for Winter

Brilliant Bedroom Style: Jazzing Up Your Bedroom for Winter

Oct 24, 2017, 1:25:53 PM Life and Styles

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the temperature much colder. Doesn’t your room deserve to look a little snugger? Here are just a few things that you could do to make coming home at the end of the day all the better.

1) Festive Bedding

It’s never too early for Christmas, and most of the big retailers are already displaying their festive range. Pillows adorn with images of trees, baubles, reindeers, and even an elf riding a T-Rex. Well, that last example is sort-of Christmassy. Treat yourself to a nice, thick, duvet to wrap yourself up in, with the larger-than-life grin of Santa Claus.

2) Scented Candles

Because what even is winter without the supposed smell of snow itself? Did you even know tinsel and Christmas bells had aromas, and that they’re sweet and pleasant too? Because they do.

3) Bring the outside decorations in

That wreath on your door? Why not have it on the inside, on your bedroom door? Fairy lights are far too much hassle strung up on the outside of the house, so lavish the bedposts with them instead. Gold and silver can give the room a warm, yet undeniably festive glow.

4) Make your room a palace

…with sheets and patterns grandiose enough to decorate Elsa’s palace itself (Elsa is the princess in Disney’s Frozen, by the way, but you already knew that). Using the latest in design and technology, Julien MacDonald Wallpaper is much easier than traditional wallpaper to hang and remove, with a silver, glittery, artisan elegance that produces a subtle, glamorous sparkle. It would be perfect for a feature wall, or if that’s not enough, why not go for the entire room?

5) Oversized, festive mugs

Because let’s face it. It’s freezing, and you don’t want to be running back to the kettle. What better way to staple your position to the bed than a mug of hot gingerbread-flavoured (of course) coffee that takes an hour to drink?

6) Additional sheets

An extra vanguard against all the warm air that likes to escape. You can mix it up with different fabrics, throws, or designs that complement the rest of your festive overhaul. It gives you that little extra something to snuggle in to as well. Getting up in the morning might be slightly harder, though.

7) The tree itself

Gone are the days where the house only had one Christmas tree in the living room. Your room deserves the full Christmas spirit. Even if it’s only a little one on the bedside table or in the corner, the bedroom should have its own little tree, and totally decorated with tinsel and a star, too.

8) Personalised baubles

Part of the luxury of Christmas is reminding ourselves of our kinship with friends and family, and personalised baubles are a great way to acknowledge that. A little reminder of the people we love, in festive form. Hang them on that bedroom tree of yours.

Published by Maria Simpson

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