Fun And Easy Ways To Keep Fit In 2018

Fun And Easy Ways To Keep Fit In 2018

Feb 1, 2018, 4:14:07 PM Life and Styles

Whether you’ve started your new years resolutions or not, it’s never too late to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Getting fit is often on the top of many people’s lists, but what if you’re put off by the more traditional ways to keep fit? If the thought of a gym membership and early morning runs isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at these fun and easy fitness ideas.

Start A Dance Class

Dancing is one of the easiest ways to stay active while still having fun. For this, you could either join a local dance class or simply start dancing while in the home. Common styles of dance that are great for fitness are zumba, salsa, ballet and tap. If you do decide to take the dance class route, make sure you look the part with all the right clothing and equipment. Shop around for ballet shoes, leotards and tap shoes - online stores like Dance Depot have a great selection of tap dancing shoes for sale at affordable prices. 

Go Walking 

If you’re not much of a runner but you love to spend time outdoors, going on regular walks is an easy way to improve your fitness for the year ahead. Head to your nearest park and spend some time walking around, either by yourself or with family or friends. You could even make this a regular occurance, planning weekly Sunday walks in different scenic areas. It’s also a good idea to start tracking your steps, as this will add a competitive element and make you extra motivated to walk at every chance you get. 

Play Interactive Video Games

You might not instantly think of playing video games as a healthy lifestyle choice, but playing the right games can offer a great workout. Games like Wii fit have plenty of fun options that help you stay active while enjoying yourself. If you don’t have access to Wii fit, try making a rule to always play video games while standing up, moving around in sync with your movement in the game. 

Bike To Work

Dependant on the distance from your house to your workplace, switching your car or public transport for a bike might be worth considering. Biking is a great exercise as it works so many muscles in the body, boosts endorphins and increases stamina, all the while saving you some money and improving your carbon footprint at the same time! Before hitting the road, make sure you learn everything there is to know about bike safety, and don’t take on too far a distance until you’re ready. 

Go Rock Climbing

While this might not necessarily be easy for everyone, rock climbing is an activity that’s perfect if you’re looking for an out-the-box way to keep fit. Climbing is often done as a full body workout which improves both strength and cardio, while also boosting heart rate. This doesn’t have to mean climbing up Mount Everest, as plenty of areas have their own rock climbing centre where you can test your skills in a safe environment.

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