Have Shag Carpet? - Read These Tips While Cleaning

Have Shag Carpet? - Read These Tips While Cleaning

Jun 22, 2017, 6:01:06 PM Life and Styles

You see that woollen or popular termed as shag carpet with a cute fluffy poodle on top of it at the magazine and then it caught your interest because it looks so sophisticated and elegant on print. It is also popular because of how it feels when you touch it. You could also use it to warm your floors too.

At first, you will adore the carpet with all your heart, but when it’s time to clean it, you simply despise the idea because it’s not just washing and drying it. It is somehow difficult to clean this fancy carpet.

The shag carpet has been threatened to be pulled out of the market during the 70s because many people find it too tedious to clean. But you don’t want to just throw your money out, right? Why not just keep the carpet as it is and just clean it accordingly with the help of your vacuum? Maybe you just need the right equipment to actually motivate you to clean. You really need a vacuum cleaner because a shag carpet actually absorbs everything from mite to pet hair. You might even make your cleaning a workout for you.

Here are some tips on how to make your shag carpet easier to clean:

#1 In removing dust and dirt

The shag carpet will always be dirt because it absorbs so much substance. Even if you prohibit eating to avoid crumbs falling unto the rug and drinking soda that might stain it, the shag carpet will always accumulate allergens, pollens, and dust especially that your windows are open that makes the rag vulnerable to absorbing outdoor substances. It is crucial for you to remove the dusts from the rug especially that the fiber making up the shag carpet is very delicate.

Whenever some feet will walk pass to and fro along the carpet, it becomes vulnerable to wear and tear. There will be soon bare spots on your rug if you won’t dust it from time to time because the grit will actually damage the wool. The wool actually hides the dirt, so it’s difficult to identifyif the rug is dirty already. So it must be deceiving that it looks clean, but it’s just good in appearing clean. You need to clean it regularly because the naked eye is not trained to spot the dirt on the wool.

Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for shag carpet that will become your assistant in cleaning and will make sure that it won’t tear your shag carpet’s wool or damage it slowly. Please just operate the vacuum cleaner according to its instruction, and don’t go beyond that because the delicate nature of the shag carpet should always be considered. 

#2 In removing spills and stains

It is easy to remove debris on the depth it caused the shag carpet by using your bare hands. You can easily detect the stain though by your naked eye. Acknowledging it right away is important especially if you were the one active in causing it such as by spilling soda on it.

Water is not a good idea especially if your shag carpet has a shaggy wool because it creates mildew from drying too slow.

You can actually also remove the debris by your bare hands if you could spot it. If the damage is too large then you could ask for professional help to grant you a service, but it might cost you an unnecessary expenditure. If this was any carpet then it’s really easy to clean, but the design of the shag carpet is different, so it takes a different approach in cleaning it.

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