Here’s How To Remember Jazz Language Effectively

Here’s How To Remember Jazz Language Effectively

Dec 17, 2016, 5:00:00 PM Entertainment

Before we go any further, let’s try to understand the fact that Jazz music is not the only genre that makes use of a musical language which is learned by the musicians over a period of time. Yes, that’s right, every music genre has its own language which has to be practiced by the musicians until and unless they do the mastery in it. Similarly, when it comes to composing a piece of jazz music you have to be highly proficient at the technicalities of the language. You cannot expect to produce a fresh piece of jazz music without having a proper knowledge of how to construct chords and the important of notes in playing the chords. In addition to that, you must have a deep understanding as well as knowledge of imitating solos and transcribing them. All the renowned Jazz musicians across the world spend enormous quality time in understanding its technicalities. Learning music is a lifelong process, so you can never say that you know everything about it now and hence you should stop studying it further. In order to compose a stunning piece of music, you have to learn the jazz language by ear. In other words, it’s important for every musician to learn the jazz language by ear if they really want to compose some original musical compositions. That means rather than reading sheet music it’s better to play music by ear, and once you become the master in it, you can experiment with a whole lot of things when it comes to making incredible music. If you have this desire of becoming a good jazz musician you can enroll yourself in music lessons provided by music schools like New York Jazz Academy. However, if you have the basic knowledge of jazz music, but keep on forgetting the language over and over again then you can make use of the following ideas to remember it.

#1. Keep Practicing The Newly Learned Chords

If you have learned something new recently, then try to refresh it by learning it over and over again. This helps in remembering things in a much better way. That means, whatever you have learned regarding music , you should keep on repeating it by practicing it whenever you have time. For example, if you have learned a few new chords recently, then keep on playing them in your instrument whenever you get free time, otherwise, there is a huge possibility of you forgetting them soon and that is never good for you as a musician.

#2. Go For In-depth Study Of A Particular Topic

Whether it’s about learning how to play chords, or about imitating them, you need to adopt such an approach which can force you to dig deep into the subject so that you can understand the logics. For example, while playing chords, you must know the importance of a chord progression, otherwise, you won’t be able to compose good music.

#3. Organize Yourself In A Better Way

If you are a music student who is learning music lessons from a well-known music academy, then it’s highly pivotal for you to organize yourself in a better way so that you can focus on your task effectively. Make sure that whatever your teacher teaches you in the school you can give sufficient time to practice that at home. Learning your lessons in schools is never enough when it comes to becoming good at composing music. Therefore, you need to promise yourself that you will be learning everything at home in a more detailed manner.

#4. Dedicate Sufficient Time To Learn One Lick

Whether you are learning a lick or a solo, you have to devote enough time to that activity. Considering the fact that you cannot learn technical things associated with music overnight, it’s better to devote at least a weeks time to learn just one lick. This simply indicates that rather than learning a large number of licks and solos at once, you should take your time and focus on a single thing so that you can become extremely good at it. In this way, you create a strong base for building your musical knowledge and improving it.

#5. Whatever You Have Learned Teach That To Others

You cannot improve your knowledge if you deny to share it with others. That means, if you want to understand a particular jazz standard in a better way, make sure that you teach it to others. What actually happens is, when you teach something to others you being to think about it in a variety of ways which eventually enhances your understanding of it. In short, keep sharing your musical knowledge to people around you so that you can remember it effectively. When it comes to sharing your knowledge with others, you can find anyone who is interested in music including your friends and family members. If you really want to become good at jazz language you must consider the above-mentioned points seriously.

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