How To Get The Most Out Of Content Marketing For Your Business

How To Get The Most Out Of Content Marketing For Your Business

Aug 23, 2017, 4:51:00 PM Business

When it comes to using marketing to boost your business, one essential tool to incorporate into your campaign is content marketing. While most businesses are utilising this tool to some extent, they’re not always doing so to the full potential. Whether you work on your businesses content marketing yourself or with a digital marketing agency, here are some helpful tips that every business owner should know when it comes to content creation. 

Create A Plan

All good things need preparation, so it’s important to create a thorough content plan before you begin. Work out a schedule with details on how many pieces of content you’ll be working with each month so that you have targets to stick to. Think about what kind of themes you want to focus on, and always make sure to complete some keyword research. This way you can find out what keywords your business is ranking for, and utilise these to help boost SEO for your website. 

Research Topics

Once you’ve established your themes and keywords, you should dedicate some time to researching possible topics to center your content around. A great place to start is by brainstorming a bunch of ideas, and seeing which ones you can tie your chosen keywords into. If you need some inspiration, a handy way to gather ideas is by analysing the most popular content from your competitors. Take inspiration from these topics by adding your own twist to the subject matter, thinking about how you can offer new perspectives and unique insights. 

Focus On Quality 

Quality over quantity is a key element of content marketing. While it’s important to offer your audience content on a regular basis, you need to focus on keeping the quality of writing high. Include information that you know your audience will actually be interested in, and will make them come back for more. Badly written content can also have a negative impact on your site’s SEO in the long run, with search engine bots picking up on the amount of time spent on a page, which, if it’s not an enjoyable read, will most likely be low. 

Make It Shareable 

Aside from sharing it yourself over social media, one other important way to make sure your content is seen is by making it shareable to others. Always make ‘click to tweet’ plugins available for blog posts, enabling social media users to instantly share the post over their platform. Optimising your meta title and description with punchy, engaging language is another big point to consider, since this is the often the first insight people will have to your post when shared over social media. Titles and descriptions that draw the reader in are likely to result in more clicks, reads, and shares in the long run - all of which are beneficial to your business! 

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