The Best Neon Art of 2016

The Best Neon Art of 2016

Mar 1, 2017, 9:47:35 PM Life and Styles

Neon art is relatively new to the media, yet the art of using neon lights to create pieces of art is extremely attractive to the eye. The creativity of neon art is expanding each year, making 2016 one of the most successful periods of its existence. Innovative and new Neon Creations are being created all the time, all expressing different feelings and can be shown all over the world. Neon art is commonly used in cities, the most popular being New York but can also be used in the home to provide a unique talking point that also offers atmospheric light to any space. Here, we take a look at some of the best neon art of 2016 - will it inspire you to add neon to your home this year?

Solo Artists

Lori Hersberger is a famous neon solo artist whose recent piece was brought out in early January 2016. The piece is called ‘I’d rather go blind than see you walk away from me’ and is a display of multi coloured lights in a line, almost looking like it is moving away from you. This would explain the phrase ‘walking away’. 

The length and width of the piece is 1080 X 820 cm and and the piece was held at Clemens Gunzer Halle, Wädenswil. Hesberger started the piece in August 2015, but it took many months to perfect. The artist has created around 11 additional pieces of neon art in the previous years, all in a different range and style to each other. 

However, something most of the pieces have in common is they are all displayed with a room setting, with other objects inside. It’s clear that Hersberger loves the look of neon inside buildings, and many people are becoming more familiar with the design aspect in their homes. In addition to Hersberger’s work, neon lettering as art has become a 2016 trend, with pieces such as David Horvitz’s ‘Whenever I take a shower I always wonder when the water was a cloud’ and Piotr Kowalski’s ‘Perspective’ being particularly inspiring.

Best Attractions

The best neon art doesn’t have to just come from solo artists. Most neon art is situated in cities or tourist attractions. Through 2016, one of the top attractions for neon art was the Blackpool Illuminations. The annual lights festival with numerous lights attracts many visitors to the seaside town.

This festival was very successful in 2016 with positive feedback and a larger crowd than in recent years - partly due to the council’s appeals for neon art to be included in an inside exhibition in addition to the usual lights by the tramway. The exhibition, held at the Grundy Gallery is a nod to the region’s love of light, and contained pieces by both amateur and professional neon artists. 

Neon is ‘in’

With the inspirational examples above, it’s no surprise that neon is becoming more and more popular in both homes and businesses, as people are inspired by these popular pieces and want to emulate the feelings and atmosphere they evoke in their own premises. These days, you’ll find companies that can design and create neon art in almost any shape or size for you to display in commercial or domestic premises. 

Purveyors of neon art such as Neon Creations can even offer to rent pieces of neon art for both long and short term use, giving you the option to switch your neon art every so often to keep people talking.  

Neon art is becoming more and more popular as the years progress and is becoming a popular way to attract people to your property, whether it be commercial premises or someone looking to impress guests at their home. 

Published by Maria Simpson

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