The Recent Rise of Logistics and Delivery Needs of Businesses

The Recent Rise of Logistics and Delivery Needs of Businesses

Dec 20, 2017, 10:43:21 PM Business

Most businesses who sell products are in some way reliant on delivery. To get their goods from the warehouse to customers’ homes, arranging delivery is hugely important. In the recent past, many companies would have found organisation of this vital task extremely difficult, but their needs have been met, to the benefit of the businesses themselves and their clients.

In the past, to buy what they wanted, businesses and customers alike needed to either visit a store or make a phone call. Fortunately, the rise of e-commerce has changed how many people shop. From the comfort of their home or office, individual packages and bulk orders can be arranged in a matter of seconds via laptops, phones and tablets.

Since online retail was invented back in 1984, it has taken off in a big way, particularly over the last decade. A lot of the information is then received by the business and the customer’s address is then used to plot a delivery route and timescale.

Bespoke Service

Logistics specialists have managed to cope with the surge in demand that came with online retail growth. As part of that, they have been able to manage bespoke delivery requests, such as same day delivery and fast delivery to international markets.

At busy times of the year such as Christmas, receiving a package within a few hours will be really useful. Industries such as technology and pharmaceuticals have benefited greatly from the advent of same day package deliveries.

Some of the items used to make delivery and transportation of multiple goods have also become easier to order. Pallets, for example, can be ordered and shipped instantly to help businesses prepare their goods for shipping themselves. Ordering them from National Pallets will help businesses who have packages that are too large to fit in a parcel. 

Future Prospects

The logistics industry is particularly strong in some countries. In the UK last year, spending on courier and logistics services rose by £1 billion. This figure suggests that businesses will continue to look to them for their delivery needs, whilst demand is likely to at least remain strong as more of us use e-commerce.

A potential challenge for businesses needing logistics is expecting deliveries to be done to faster timescales. Same day and next day deliveries are becoming more popular, so more of those will be in demand. Another issue is cross-border deliveries, which may become harder to do after the UK leaves the European Union. How they are done may change in the next few years.

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