Why use CMMS software for maintenance management?

Why use CMMS software for maintenance management?

Mar 6, 2019, 2:40:09 AM Business

Every company has its own opinion and above all its own organization for the maintenance of its factory. But beyond specific, the maintenance of large industrial plants (but also hotels or housing complexes, machine parks, etc.) represents (on the one hand) costs that must be managed and (on the other hand) function as the basis of all productive activities.

Certainly the experience of maintenance managers makes it possible to reconcile these two conflicting needs, but approaches that are based on "individual experience" must deal with a number of problems: 

- During maintenance work, the risk of accidents is higher than in the production phase. 20% of fatal accidents occur during treatment. It is important to plan reactive maintenance care carefully to prevent injury.

- Increasing the complexity of plants requires a large capacity for coordination and "knowledge conservation"

- Increased safety regulations require more certification, endorsement, examination and implications of direct responsibility, including criminal penalties, in the event of serious incidents.

- The mobility of professional skills and the changing of roles result in the risk of "losing information" about the history of the problem of the factory.

- On-time production requires production capacity in real time or ready availability from the factory

- Budget requirements, namely the need to share and calculate costs with analytical accuracy and the need to optimize the budget for maintenance, unfortunately reduced.
The maintenance manager will observe that the points listed above are known to them and that they have sufficient knowledge to deal with them.

Here are some questions related to the difference between estimation and measurement!

- Do we know how many times and how often "drive motor shaft of line 1" damages the system?

- At some point it is better to replace the "machine" or continue with replacing the damaged part?

- What are the effects of using new raw materials at the factory?

- Accidents occur at the factory. A few hours before, a routine maintenance process was carried out. Who did it?

- When does the "compressor 3 lane" guarantee expire? Where is the updated data sheet from "air conditioning channel 1"?

- Can you provide factory performance indices such as Reliability, Availability, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)?

For similar questions we can answer with the right numbers, with reports, graphs. But we need special software. Computer CMMS support is a maintenance measurement tool that provides accurate data to support decisions.

What is CMMS?

The purpose of a CMMS system is simplifying the operational flow, to automate many operations and to keep under control the intervention plan and the registration of repairs and replacement of spare parts.

The advantages offered by a CMMS software: 

- savings can be achieved thanks to a drastic reduction of damage and associated repair costs and machine downtime.
- there is a possibility to manage various deadlines imposed by company safety laws in a structured and simple manner.
- immediate access and availability in real time by taking into account all information about machinery and interventions carried out and planned.

Activate the CMMS immediately!

If your company still manages maintenance through paper forms or through software not developed for this purpose, you need the CMMS to:

- organize the spare parts warehouse
- manage preventive and corrective maintenance on the web platform
- plan maintenance interventions
- promptly intervene in case of breakdowns
- customize the interface according to your needs
- check maintenance costs

The involvement of supporting software in modern industry cannot be ignored. Neglecting them only encourages wasteful costs and increased risk.

Published by Maria Simpson

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