How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast?

How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast?

Jul 19, 2021, 10:27:34 AM Tech and Science

A simple and Quick process to factory reset in Chromecast.

Using Chromecast is great, but it requires a reset of the device too if we move to a new home and looking for ways to restore it to factory settings then it is required to perform factory data reset. This way you can reset the Google dongle and erase all your data. That means you'll be able to use it again after performing such steps. So follow these simple methods carefully.

You have two numbers of ways to reset your Google Chromecast; the first one involves getting into the Chromecast app, while the second one involves a hard reset of the Chromecast dongle itself. Both these process is slightly different from the 1st Generation to the 2nd generation model. Let's move down the street further to see how to Factory Reset Chromecast

By using the Google Chrome app

If you are looking to complete the process of how to Factory Reset Chromecast, you just need to simply follow these below-mentioned steps.


  • At the beginning of the process, first, open the Google Home app.
  • Following above, now tap on the Chromecast device and then move to the setting which is a gear-shaped icon.
  • In last at the top right, scroll down and click on factory reset and then move to factory reset again.
  • Tap OK and you'll see a small window to reset the device if you are sure about it.

By using the Chromecast device

  • While you plugged in Chromecast into TV, you just need to simply hold the button of the Chromecast device for 25 seconds until the solid LED light turns into a flashing red light.
  • If you see that your LED light turns white and the TV goes blank, simply release the button, In the end, you'll see a reboot process.

For 2nd generation

Google chrome app

This can be used only if the users have access to that network on which Chromecast was set up. 

  • In the initial stage of the process, first, you are required to open the Google Chrome app.
  • Following the above, click on the Chromecast device and then move to the settings.
  • In the next move, At the right to move to factory reset.

From Chromecast device

Users must hold down the button of Chromecast while they plugged it into the TV until the LED will start blinking orange. Apart from it, if the LED light turns white you just need to release the button and you see Chromecast reboot again.

Besides, above all the points, if you are seeking further assistance and willing to learn more in-depth can call directly to the customer support team to know  how to Factory Reset Chromecast

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