What happening with Google meet not working?

Google meet not working

What happening with Google meet not working?

May 3, 2021, 10:56:22 AM Tech and Science

How to fix the Google meet grid not working? 

Google has launched many unique features to make online communication more interesting and transparent. And the latest addition in the list is Google meet. Google Meet is an online platform or you can say software that is used for video calls or communicating online face to face. Google meet is usually used by professionals for any kind of corporate meeting if meeting face to face is not possible. A lot of educational institutions also take help of 'Google Meet' to conduct online classes. There are a lot of other features in Google meet as well that make the interaction more convenient.

Google meet Grid view 

To be able to see all the participants in the video call at the same time, Google has also introduced a feature called Grid view. But a lot of users also complain about Google Meet Grid view not working If that's the case with you as well then tap below for the solution. 

Steps to fix the issue of Google meet Grid 

Google Meet grid view not working is quite a common issue between the users of Google because of which they are not able to see the others participating in the video conference.  

  1. The biggest reason behind Google meet Grid view not working can be because of the outdated app, hence first of all check when did you last update the application. If not, then update the grid view extension. 
  2. Secondly, check the internet connectivity. Google meet needs strong internet connectivity for conducting the video call hence if the connection is not strong then you won't be able to run the application. 
  3. Also if the participants are not able to join the chat room because of their weak connection can be the reason behind the grid view not working 
  4. .If the Google meeting is still not working then turn off the chat and reset the application. Or maybe because the system is on for a long time hence reboot the system and then start working. 

And that's how you can fix the issue of Google Meet Grid view not working.  If in case you are still facing the issue then you can contact the customer care team of Google.  

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