Business & Pleasure: Travelling Habits of a Corporate Millennial Woman

Business & Pleasure: Travelling Habits of a Corporate Millennial Woman

Oct 6, 2021, 9:21:55 AM Life and Styles

Slowly growing and maturing as an age group, Millennials are now among the largest and most important demographics in the corporate world. And while their love of travel might seem like a well-known fact, their travel habits appear to be entirely different compared to the generations that came before them, particularly when it comes to Millennial women. In terms of both business trips and leisure travel, this group of young women has quite clear styles, patterns, and expectations, and here are just some of their many different interesting travelling habits:

Increasing the frequency of business travel

By nature, Millennials are more curious and adventurous than most previous generations, with an increased need to see and explore the world. Not only do these characteristics translate into their leisure and personal travel habits, but they can clearly be seen in their business travel habits as well.

Considering the stage in which most Millennials currently are in their professional lives, this generation of women appears to use corporate travel as developmental opportunities, often flying more for training, conferences, and other career-improving options. Business travel clearly provides a new channel for women to further their careers while simultaneously exploring the world, and companies that understand this well seem to be better at retaining young employees.

Spending more on travel opportunities

Another aspect that seems to separate Millennial women from other generations is the fact that they seem to prefer spending their money on experiences instead of material possessions. Young women who have the means gladly spend more on travel, and are among the most-travelled, biggest-spending groups of all.

Apart from that, Millennials would also be willing to spend even more on travel, as long as they have enough finances to support the habit. When asked what they would do if they received $5,000, travel was the second most popular answer for this generation, right after saving. This shows Millennials have an entirely different thought process to most other groups.

Searching for more unique destinations

Not only are Millennial women eager to travel more often and spend more money on this activity, but they also show an interest in more unique travel destinations as well. While cities such as New York, London, and Hong Kong still remain important business hubs for corporate travel, leisure and personal travel focus more on distinct experiences.

For instance, one of the most popular travel destinations among young women currently is the stunning Magnetic Island in Australia. Offering luxurious accommodation options, gorgeous sand beaches, breathtaking natural surroundings, as well as a calm and relaxing island atmosphere, a destination like Magnetic Island truly seems like the ideal option for busy Millennial women to escape their corporate responsibilities, unwind and relieve stress, and improve their work-life balance.

Adopting a new “bleisure” lifestyle

Even if they’re not travelling for personal reasons, Millennial women don’t tend to have a strong separation between business and pleasure in the more traditional sense. Instead, they aim to inject their often dreary corporate trips with fun and excitement, for a more enjoyable travel experience.

Opting for a “bleisure” (business and leisure) lifestyle, Millennials focus on relaxing activities such as sightseeing, local cuisine tasting, exercise routines, and going out even during business trips, in an effort to enhance their travel experiences. Similarly, interesting travelling gadgets are often used as well, whether it’s action cameras that allow Millennials to post their exciting travels on social media or bike gear that gives them the opportunity to explore their destinations in more unique ways.

Focusing on important global issues

Millennials have long been known as the generation of change and action, being more concerned about global issues than any generation before them, and those same concerns translate into travel as well. Aside from worrying about their economic situation, Millennial women also express global concerns such as restrictions, quotas, and climate change, which might affect their travels in a number of different ways.

For instance, Venice is a top travel destination for many young women purely because it’s sinking, while other Millennials worry about the environmental changes on wildlife in Africa and Asia. Combined with the growing concern for overtourism, Millennial women seem to choose their travel destinations very carefully, making sure not to contribute further to the global concerns they already have.

Evidently, the travelling habits of corporate Millennials differ greatly compared with previous generations. Focusing more on frequent travel, new destinations, and unique experiences, without forgetting about important global issues, young women seem to be among the most conscious and mindful travellers.

Published by Marie Nieves

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