Reasons Why Warm-Up Exercises Are Important

Reasons Why Warm-Up Exercises Are Important

Nov 22, 2021, 10:32:55 AM Life and Styles

If you’re a gym rat, you should be aware of the importance of a warm-up routine. Next time you plan a full-body workout, make sure to stretch and prepare for the high intensity of your upcoming gym session. Increased body temperature and flexibility, along with the reduced risk of injury, are only some of the benefits you’ll reap by adequately warming up. If you’re interested to learn more about the importance of warm-ups, read on.

They increase body temperature

As their name says – they will warm you up! Warming up properly raises your body temperature, which is beneficial to all your muscles, even your heart. Your blood flows more quickly, which allows your muscles to contract and relax more effortlessly. Increased blood flow results in improved oxygen availability, making you more prepared to complete more demanding activities with ease. Warm-ups are also crucial to prepare your heart for the exercise, ensuring that it won’t be overworked during your workout. You should especially be wary of this on your cardio day!

They reduce the risk of injury

If you've been going to the gym regularly and getting those gains, you know that getting injured will considerably set back your fitness journey. A proper warm-up improves muscle adaptability and allows for effective cooling, which means you're less likely to injure yourself or overheat throughout your workout. Strenuous workout regimes such as cross-fit or powerlifting require more thorough warm-ups because they generally pose higher risks of injury. However, you should incorporate warm-ups no matter how low-impact your workouts are. Some experts recommend warming up for brisk walks by walking slowly for five to ten minutes, even though the risk of injury is very small.

They will put you in the right headspace

Sometimes, it can be quite tough to make yourself ready for the gym. You have your favorite gym shoes but somehow you’re still not in the right mental space for a sweat session. Taking it slow in the beginning and warming up can help keep you motivated. During your warm-up stretches, think about why you’re doing this, why is being fit so important to you, personally. These five to ten minutes of low-impact exercise will make you pumped and ready to achieve your goals. When stretching, it’s also very important to wear adequate clothes. Leggings made out of a nylon-spandex blend are perfectly stretchy to accommodate the warm-up stage of your workouts while also providing you with some additional support and comfort.